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    New Kahr CW9

    Just picked up a new Kahr CW9 9mm for IWB carry. Traded in my Glock 19 9mm for most of the cost. I picked up a kydex IWB holster with it as I did not want to wait another 5 weeks for a CrossBreed Super Tuck, which I just did for the Glock I traded in. The new holster sucked, to be blunt. It's going back to the store. On a whim, I tried the CrossBreed for my G19 with my CW9 and found it worked quite well. It'll be suitable until I can order the actual CB STD.

    All that being said, the CW9 is a nice IWB carry weapon. Much more conceable then my G19 was.

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    Still shopping but...

    I have a Ruger SR9 now (full size not the "c") which works for concealed carry but I plan to get the Kahr CW9 as my next addition and that will probably become my EDC gun.

    Good choice, enjoy!

    Kahr fills such a nice spot in the CC handgun market. Their CW series guns aren't as small as a micro (like Kel-Tec) but not full sized either. They're thinner than a lot of the more common brands out there too. They just seem to fit right there in the middle and make a great carry weapon balancing functionality and ease of carry.

  4. cw9

    I agree with you. I IWB also but have not found a holster that I like.
    The current one I have needs two hands and a butler to get it back into the holster.

    I punched over 300 FMJ rounds without cleaning it to make sure it would have no ftf's
    Then I had a gunsmith polish the ramp. Now I will cycle a couple of boxes of JHP then feel pretty good about it.

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    I have a CW40, CW9 and PM9 great shooting guns, thin, easy to CC and best of all my PM9 is 24/7 in my pocket.
    Glock 27, Glock 23, Glock 22
    Mossberg 930SPX

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