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Thread: Homicides by CCW holders

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    Quote Originally Posted by Socom23 View Post
    In a Fox news report Park Ridge Illinois State Senator (D) say 11 police officers and over 200 others have been murdered by holders of CCW's. Has anybody else seen such statistics or did he pull them out of Brady's A$$?
    The statement is fairly accurate but what they don't take into account is that there are (right around) 3million legal concealed carriers in this country. So that's around 0.007 % of permit holders.

    Number doesn't appear quite so large now does it?
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  3. Here's the story:
    Ill. Assn. of Chiefs of Police Support Legalizing Concealed Carry Proposal

    Here's the quote:
    State Sen Dan Kotowski (D-Park Ridge) asserted that concealed carry permit holders have killed 11 police officers and more than 200 others in recent years.
    Compare that against this:

    The National Self-Defense Survey indicated that there were 2.5 million incidents of defensive gun use per year in the U.S. during the 1988-1993 period.
    A national survey conducted in 1994 by the Police Foundation and sponsored by the National Institute of Justice almost exactly confirmed the estimates from the National Self-Defense Survey. This survey's person-based estimate was that 1.44% of the adult population had used a gun for protection against a person in the previous year, implying 2.73 million defensive gun users. These results were well within sampling error of the corresponding 1.33% and 2.55 million estimates produced by the National Self-Defense Survey.
    Somebody needs to point out that the good Senator Dan Kotowski would like to stop the 2.5 million incidents per year of people who have defended themselves with firearms in order to "save" 1 or 2 cops per year. And notice who conducted the second survey... the Police Foundation sponsored by the National Institute of Justice!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treo View Post
    The statement is fairly accurate but what they don't take into account is that there are (right around) 3million legal concealed carriers in this country. So that's around 0.007 % of permit holders.

    Number doesn't appear quite so large now does it?
    Treo, I think you're undercounting CCW permit holders. I think the total is closer to 6 million today. See here for some state by state numbers, which add up to about 5.5M, with some states not reported, and many showing data that's a few years old. Thus your percentage becomes about 0.0035%

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmhbob View Post
    And in other news, all the perps in those cases held driver licenses, too. What's his point?
    OBVIOUSLY they should suspend the entire states drivers licenses, less people driving means less people can get to there targets. Makes sense by their logic right?

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    And when you look at this side by side with unjust OC detainment and general police ham handedness regarding armed citizens, it puts a counterpoint to a sensational argument. Officers will occasionally greet armed citizens by pointing a gun at them and as I remarked on another thread, if it wasn't a cop aiming his pistol at me, law-abiding-citizen, if it was anyone else, I would have the right to defend my life with lethal force.

    Police getting shot is a bad thing, don't misinterpret where I stand on that issue.

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    Texas posts these statistics on the Dept of Public Safety site for all crimes by year (there is a 2 yr lag time):
    Texas DPS - CHL Conviction Rates Reports

    For Murder, the latest year reported was 2009 report and says this:
    MURDER (Total) 406 (By CHL Holder) 1 (Percent) 0.2463 (1/24 of 1 percent)

    Under eight types of Capital Murder (68 times), the number was zero for CHL holders

    The report of the total of all crimes shows this:
    (Total Offenses) 65,561 (by CHL Holders) 101 (Percent) 0.1541%

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    I'll give the stats for NY it's about 1.3 million CCW permits and growing. We are #1
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    Hm, yeah, I am not buying into that all seeing where it's coming from and how vague it is. And you can't throw a number like this out without telling the time frame and the total number of people in the group. A correct statement would have been like this: "From 2000-2010 of the 8,588 CCW permit holders in the state of Blagovitch, 12 were involved in a shootout with police." Anything else is just unscientific to begin with. And then you should give the details on those 12 cases.

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