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Thread: home owners property boarders a school question

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    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLT View Post
    Post #3 above is the proper answer for the Federal law. According to the Federal law, the gun must be carried by a permit holder with a permit issued by the state the school zone is located in, OR on private property not part of the school grounds, OR in a vehicle unloaded and in a locked case.

    This is New York state law, which only bans firearms possess on the PREMISES or in the building of a school and does not address an school "zone":
    I think the key point here would be if the property between his and his daughter allowed him to have and cross thier property, he would still be free of the Fed's rule. Private property exemption on all 3 sections of property. Might suggest getting it in writing from the other property owner though. Saves having them deny it later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrjam2jab View Post
    I actually spotted that yesterday and came back here to correct my own post. You are correct.
    One must be wary of the mentality creating the problem or the law creating the crime.

    I love America and the Constitution, if you don't then get out!

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