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    Kahr CM9

    Anyone own and shoot a CM9 yet? I have one on order at my local Gun Store. It is almost identical to the PM9, but about $200.00 less expensive. It doesn't have the match grade barrel with the polygonal rifling. Has a pinned front sight as opposed to the adjustable. Comes with one mag instead of two. Couple of other minor cosmetic differences. Still a quality firearm with the std. Kahr 5 yr warranty. I'm trading in my Walther P99. The Walther is a high quality, reliable and very accurate gun,but concealable, not so much.

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    I haven't shot one. Let us know how it is when you get it. I've got a Ruger LC9 on the way that I'm dying to try out.

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    I have the PM9, plus the CW9 and CW40. At the moment I do not have an itching for the CM9 but I know it’s identical in size to my PM9 that replaced my LCP for front pocket 24/7 carry and even back up to ether of my other Kahr’s. Good luck with the CM9 if it’s anything like my PM9 you will love it. I also see other Kahr’s in your future.
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    Don't waste your time with any of those sissy pistols, get yourself a Glock instead. A G27 might be just what you are looking for.

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    If you want a pistol that carries and feels like a brick in your hand then by all means get a Glock. The best weapon for you is the one you are the most comfortable with, that fits your hand and that you can shot.
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