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Thread: What Would You Do? Waffle House Robbery

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    Waffle House huh; must have a thing for toothless waitresses.

    What would I do? I think once he has fired his weapon you are justified in using deadly force (legally) even if he's not pointing it at you. Once he's fired the weapon who's to say he won't again. If he hasn't fired the gun I'd check state laws to be sure you know what can be done legally. Safely is definitely a key word, if he's not paying attention to me and my background doen't have an innocent person in it I'd probably shoot him if he's already fired a shot.

    I'm sure police in that situation would ask for witnesses, no they don't ask the bystanders to vote like a jury. They would ask them about the FACTS of the encounter as they saw them. If a lot of witnesses state that it looked like the BG was leaving when he got shot that would not likely bode well (if he looks like he's running out the door I'm not going to shoot). Although if he's discharged his weapon you'd likely still have a few legs to stand on.

    My CCW class instructor was posed a similar what-if and made a good point (this is a paraphrase that avoides describing another what-if). If the BG already has his gun on SOMEONE (even if it's not you) it would likely take a central nervous system shot (temples or eyes/nose region) to end the threat safely. Bullets in the chest leave him alive long enough to pull the trigger (possibly out of shock rather than malice) and what just happened to the person behind the counter in that situation. He didn't give a concrete answer to our class but his answer was that it was dependent on his ability to make the shot that could end the threat safely (there's that word again). The exact situation posed to him could have been a very difficult shot for even a well practiced person to make safely.

    This was a good read, these types of what-if's get me thinking in a good way, thanks for all contributors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peregrine Falcon View Post
    Waffle House huh; must have a thing for toothless waitresses.
    What Waffle House do you go to? I've seen some smokin' hot waitresses at the Waffle House
    See, it's mumbo jumbo like that and skinny little lizards like you thinking they the last dragon that gives Kung Fu a bad name.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treo View Post
    What Waffle House do you go to? I've seen some smokin' hot waitresses at the Waffle House
    Waffle houses vary and it seems that many on here visit the class 2 Waffles houses. The need to find out where the Class 1 WH are and visit them. I know of one exit on I-26 where there are two WH at that exit, one on each side of the Interstate. One is a Class 1 with good food and good looking waitresses. The other one is a Class 2 and is not to be visited without advanced preparations such as kevlar vests.

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    Just a sidebar to the main story. Regardles of any states posting laws/restraunt carry, etc., WH has a corporate policy nationwide - no weapons carried inside. I've sent them numerous e-mails over the last few years and continue to try and spread the word. Send them an e-mail or letter and tell them you will no longer patronize them, and will tell every other citizen to do the same.
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    If the dirt bag only points the weapon at the cashier, as others stated above...you are not an LEO, stay out of it. Unfortunately that is how it has to be, I don't agree but doesn't matter. Now if dirt bag makes a general statement to everyone in the place and pulls a gun and is waving it around......cash his chips. That is how is was put to us in our ccw class. Once the dirt bag makes a "general statement" it is a robbery and is waving a gun around....YOUR safety IS at danger. I hope to never be in this situation but if it does, that is how I will handle it. On the "no weapons" allowed places of business....other than the banks and post offices.....I try to avoid them.

  7. Be Smart

    First duty - protect the lives of your loves ones and yours. Second duty - be a good witness. Your pistol permit doesn't come with a badge. You have no duty to protect strangers, but i know - we all feel it. But in priority, they come last. Remember they could have carried to protect themselves, but have chosen not to. You do it for your family - and your goal is to take them all home safely when this is over.

    He comes in and shoots the ceiling. He has forfeited his right to sit down and eat in peace, and interrupted yours. He's fair game for a headshot, but what is the smart thing to do? If you're with wife/kids, get them down, scrunched on the seat or on the floor or under the table. Out of line of sight, and possibly even under cover. If at all possible, unless he's watching you specifically, draw your gun and have it in battery. Right here is the best argument for carrying with a chambered round. at least your hand should be on the butt ready to go, retention strap and safety off.

    Pay attention to details. Be able to describe the perp. Also be ready to put up a hail of bullets if it goes wrong and he starts, or looks about to start, shooting your direction. Your defense has to be fast, furious and unrelenting. Center of mass. Shoot until the threat has been stopped. This is what you practice for, even though you hope it never happens. Put your shots on target. Move away from your family if you can/if prudent/layout allows for cover. Once he's down, secure his weapon and look for other BG. When clear, enlist some patrons to adminster first aid and call 911. It's essential you ask for ambulance as you describe the situation to 911. Get your pistol back in its holster.

    Most important, don't talk to the cops afterward beyond name and ID and a basic description of what occurred. Call your lawyer immediately. Be prepared for a rough time of it. Talking to cops hangs more legitimate users of legitimate self-defense than anything, second is talking to the press.

    If you haven't thought it through this far yet, you aren't ready. If any of us really ever will be. I've played this scenario out in numerous locations - bank, restaurant, convenience store, grocery store, anywhere i am legal to carry. The only way i am shooting is as, or hopefully just before, things go to hell in a hurry. I know that the curcumstances justifying lethal defensive force vary from state to state, but two things are consistent - first i'm not shooting unless i have to, and if i have to, its all out war. I hope to be fast and lucky enough.

    If the guy just comes in and starts whacking people, all bets are off.
    "Laws that forbid the carrying of arms ... make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants ... for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man." - Thomas Jefferson

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    MMOB unless there is immediate danger.

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    1. I wouldn't be in waffle house if they were being robbed all the time
    2. I could care less about waffle house's money... the robber can have it
    3. IF he appears he is gonna shoot someone and I can safely stop the threat without hitting someone else then I'll drop him like a bad habit.
    4. IF he starts shooting at people I will immediately try and eliminate him.

  10. yea ya don't know what he is going do but you can wait and see. your not a Leo. if you try to protect everyone your going to run into a male female fight and your going try and help the female vs the male and she might shoot you for going after him.
    in the incidence above you better not screw up cause you act and someone dies and you did it. you were not in fear for your life maybe your not justified, Your not a leo your do not have the right to kill because someone is doing something a leo can shoot for. your headed for jail you can only shoot in defence of self or an other in fear for their life. if the guy runs and you shoot him in the back ya find out the gun is not real and he never saw you how are you in fear for your life . if the person who was robbed said he or she just gave the money cause they did not want trouble they never feared for their life. opps you going make nice w/a guy name bubba in jail wear something pink it's his fav. his nickname for you will be sweety!
    don't take a life for money, or cause you were justifed most cops could shoot badguy all the time but don't they try to take them alive. what you want nocks on your gun! you want to go hunting a badguy so you can by law kill them. well guess what?
    you go hunting to get robbed so you can blast the guy. If you set up a incident like that you would be charged with murder.
    you get a guy mad he steps on your porch and you shoot him cause he is on your property talking trash and you shoot him cause he had a knife. you set it up you commited murder. so just because you can don't mean you should every time.
    even a bad guy can change and be come a good man someday. don't shoot unless you have too. not because it's justified.

  11. have your seen the posts here most are not for you to shoot. so we are the jury you go to jail.
    don't be a hero, a hero gets people killed, be a man. think before you act. Cause if your wrong you lose years form your life sitting in prison. with the guys you got the permit to keep you safe, but now you have no gun and are locked in with them. and I will be dating your girl. At the waffile house.

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