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Thread: What Would You Do? Waffle House Robbery

  1. send me her photo cause if she is nuts you can keep her. vistors day

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    I would do my best to stay out of sight,and out of mind. Unless I became threatened.

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    There is a lot to absorb here, but lets add another line, I have to say that most of the time I would not want to be involved, and am pretty good at not being noticed. ON the other hand, what if it was family behind the counter, my sister works at the Waffle House here, and i only ever eat there to talk and b.s. with her. And while I'll most likely never be in that situation the LEO here really like the Waffle House. WHAT IF it was family.

  5. Oh Hexx shoot the guy and we get both of you off the street.
    ONLY SHOOT when you have to.
    You will know by the fear in your heart.
    If someone is pointing a gun at someone and you fear for them or yourself that he is going to take your or someone's life
    right now.!!! Then you can shoot. if you tell him or her to drop the gun and then he moves shoot. if he looks like he is going to hurt anyone in the next sec shoot. don't shoot for money.

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    Depends on how I read they situation and the robber. If I think it's just a robbery for money, I'll drink my coffee and let him take it. If people are getting pistol-whipped or injured, that's different, and it depends on my range to target and whether I can get a clear shot, before I draw. If he opens fire on people (not ceiling tiles), he'll be taking return fire from me. But I'm darned sure not going to draw and threaten - the first time he gets a look at my weapon, he's going to see fire coming out of the barrel toward him. Still, I try to follow the first rule of gunfighting; when a gunfight breaks out, the best place to be is ELSEWHERE! So far, except for a tour in Vietnam, I've been lucky enough for 62 years NOT to be where there was a fight with weapons happening. I stay away from "bad areas" when I can. But I still carry both my 9mm or .45, and my Ek Mod. 5 bowie, and keep in training with both.

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    Funny how a few of the posters mentioned "backs to the wall", "good observation place", etc. I never realized it but I had developed that ingrained habit from many "liberty calls" in crummy ports all over the world. The rationale is to be able to exit quickly when the SHTF. (As so often happens in the sleazier sections of ANY town.) So, for me, it is a location where I can see the entire place and no one can get behind me AND where I have near location to an exit.

    Damned if I still don't do that exact thing to this date. I just found it interesting that ALL CCL holders, supposedly trained in situational awareness, hadn't already adopted that little self defense trick.

    Confucious say: Those who would be wise, wary and long lived would also be watchful.


    P.S. Now if we can convince 75% of the Nation's drivers of the usefullness of that adage! LOL!
    Fanatics of any sort are dangerous! -GG-
    Which part of "... shall NOT be infringed..." confuses you?
    Well now, aren't WE a pair, Raggedy Man? (Thunderdome)

  8. I would put at least 2 new holes in the perp. In my opinion the guy has come into MY zone and has acted in such a way as to cause me fear for my life. He has ALREADY fired his weapon! I will protect myself and the common man. Understand this, the person working for the establishment is in danger of losing their life, ALL the persons in the place ARE in danger of losing their life. I'm a sheep dog and I WILL protect the sheep. He is in the middle of committing a forceable felony! What else has to happen? To all those that say I'm only gonna act if me or mine are in danger, I say you are cowards! If you were walking through the city and you saw a woman being raped, but it wasn't YOUR wife or YOUR daughter etc. then you won't stop the A$$hole? If a child that is not YOURS is being abducted from his/her parents you will just do nothing? You make me sick. I truly hope that none of you are ever the scared to death victim of a robbery like this. But if I'm their then you will at least have someone to stand up for you when some whacko has a gun to your head. Stand the wall people! Protect your fellow man! All that has to happen for evil to conquer is for good men to do NOTHING!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beau:194179
    Boy I bet you all would feel great if the robber decided to cap a few people on his way out the door. Maybe your kid or spouse. Good thing you just sat there until you were directly engaged.

    Guy comes in to rob the place. You don't know what he's going to do. He may grab money and run. He may decide to shoot everyone. Regardless he is committing a forceable felony and deadly force is justified.

    No I don't consider myself protecter of the universe or any of that such nonsense. The way I see it is that if I'm in a place that is getting robbed I am directly involved. If I feel I can safely act I will.
    Well said in florida you are completely protected by the law as long as he has the gun pointed at someone cut and dry!

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    I would take no action, unless personally at risk. However, if the situation allowed it, I would at least get my pistol in my hand, hidden from view,maybe under my leg, but ready just in case I needed it to protect my own life. Even this action, I would do only if I could do it discreetly. I would not want to excite or scare some other customer.

  11. I agree with most. As long as Mr. Bad Guy doesn't threaten me or whomever I care for, rob away. I get that question often from my friends and exactly how I answer. Those companies have insurance for a reason. Now if Mr. Bad Guy decides to start shooting, then action will be taken.

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