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Thread: What Would You Do? Waffle House Robbery

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treo View Post
    Sheep dogs are evil
    Not ALL sheep dogs are evil. Some are just all puffed up with bravado and seem a lot bigger than they really are. LOL!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OZZ:194085
    As above, if I am not threatened, and I am not a LEO, then I do nothing. With the laws these days, shoot someone for robbing a store just because he has a gun and will use it and is breaking every law, he will win in court and who shoots him will be in jail... unless maybe you are in TX, not even sure about that.
    But most states will protect the shooter if his/her life is in danger.

    All that said, who knows what we really do when it comes time. Just hope its the right thing.
    (that was a awful answer )
    An honest answer is never a bad answer.

  4. Good luck Beau

    Hope you can draw your gun before he can pull his trigger or you're bullet doesint hit an innocent or he doesint kill five people trying to shoot you. Do your thing quick draw. Unfortunately he would have to start shooting customers before I act and I'm a former LEO. Your better off getting a plate # and giving a description of the get away car

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treo View Post
    Sheep dogs are evil
    Try telling that to Daisey.

  6. Dont know if i could just stand and watch!!!!

    I would have to say it depends on all factors of the situation. If the guy just flashes the gun and is not pointing it at anyone im just gonna disengage my safety and put myself in a position to take action if i feel the need too. On the otherhand if he is pointing it at anyone and i have a chance to seperate his brain from his brain stem without any collateral damage then its time for him to meet his maker!!!!!!!

    Im just saying you never know when a guy may snap and put a bullet in the cashiers head and then start on a shooting spree, he has allready showed his intentions by pionting it at anyone besides the penalty is the same for killing one person or ten and id rater take down a threat then to see the story on the news that he killed one two or ten people before he was taken down and know the rest of my life that i could have prevented it. Im no hero but nor am i going to wait to see what happens.

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    Unless he points his gun at me or my friend, its not my problem. Place will lose some money but that's not a big deal.

  8. I've taken a lot of flack from co-workers about never sitting with my back to the door, but I'll never change that. I also look for the rowdy people (they tend to be noisy), where the restrooms are, and alternative exits. I also have a plan to escape through the kitchen if necessary.

  9. response

    I would allow my military training to kick in and if I'm giving the opportunity I would drop ever one of them. Our justice system sucks in this country so I believe in capital punishment. Just my opinion my Texas

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    Ok, I guess I'll jump in, too! This has been an enlightening discussion. A lot of you have made very valid points. I tend to side with the "mind your own business" contingent. Let me tell you why. If I'm sitting in the corner with my back to the wall (which I usually am), there is a good chance my wife, daughter and/or granddaughter are sitting across from me. Now, normally I'm a damn good shot. But, I've never practiced from the corner booth of a Waffle House. If my FIRST shot in not PERFECT, there's a good chance the second shot will be coming our direction. Now who's the hero? Just my two cents.

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    Adrelin does strange things to our "thunkin" processes. Have jumped into situations without thinking and have shrunk back. Both were wrong but hey, I am still breathing.

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