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Thread: Pistol permit denied, would appreciate advice

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    I agree with everyone saying that step 1 is find out why you were not approved. Assuming the wrong reason can lead to all kinds of problems later so do that then figure out step 2. It may have been due to the arrest or could be something totally unrelated to that and somethng you didn't even know about. Good luck.

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    Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

    There are lots of variations suggested.

    Bottom line is YOU have to get an specialized criminal defense attorney in motion NOW.

    Do NOT waste the time trying to do anything yourself.

    You can whine and moan about not having any money.
    Just picture how bad it could be if you can never get decent employment, your insurance is higher, or you get passed over for credit, your girlfriend won't marry you because of your public record (smart), etc.

    With this internet, bad news grows geometrically. IF and when you get the situation repaired, then you might be faced with 9,999 bad places and one good place.

    I have been an identity theft victim twice, and even IF you spend gazillions to get it fixed, you are still screwed by computers.

    This is not some trivial episode that can be postponed or ignored.

  4. I would like to apoligize for any multiple posts and posts in which i've repeated myself. I've been having trouble getting my replys to show up recently and have probably double posted a few replys. Been getting the message "your messages cannot be seen until reviewed by a mod", anyway...

    I'm glad to see so much interest and feedback on my situation. I've read all your suggestions and am going to speak to a judge sometime next week. If I don't get results from that i will consider hiring an attorney.

    I have some additional information to add. On the letter of denial it said it was denied due to section 400.00 of new york state's penal law. There are several different grounds listed for denial but i believe the one the judge is referring to is section c., which states " who has not been convicted
    anywhere of a felony or a serious offense" Since I have not been convicted I do not see how this is grounds for denial. I also got a letter stating that the arrest records have been sealed and expunged. However this notification came after my letter of denial.

    I believe a poster named paul asked what part of new york state i live in. I am a resident of Washington county in upstate new york. I will be sure to keep you all up to date and i appreciate your input.

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    I've seen an interesting trend in Orange County, NY. The judges aren't checking references very thoroughly. In my wife's case they called only one of the four references and asked if she signed the document in the presence of a notary. She said yes. He thanked her and hung up.

    References are a funny thing. Personally. I've never checked a job reference. What person would give me a reference that would say "don't hire him, he's a bum."

  6. Still in the process of talking to a judge. Attempting to contact the issuing judge regarding the actual purpose of denial.

    I will continue to update this thread. Thanks to all who have offered their advice.

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    Sounds like to me they got you by the short hairs either way. May issue and shall issue are two things that are a mile apart. The state of New York is crummy because of all the Left Wing types in New York City. (Bloomberg) Anyways, if you are a student of Criminal Justice, and join a police force in the future, I don't think it will effect you being armed. JMHO.

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    I would suggest that you call the office of the person who is responsible for signing the permit (usually a judge) and make appointment to speak with him/her regarding the denial. Take the paperwork you have in your possession regarding the felony charge and how it was adjudicated with you to show that person when you have your appointment. Remember to be polite and respectful. I would not throw the old 'infringement of 2nd amendment right' at them, either.

    As far as you continuing your criminal justice studies is concerned: carrying a handgun has nothing to do with your ability to do your job, unless of course you want to become a Law Enforcement Officer. You can be a fabulous attorney, DA, etc. without carrying a handgun. If you are good enough, you will not have a problem finding a job.
    Be the one who walks away

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    I agree with the other members of our forum. I personally feel that you should persue this with a qualified attorney. Qualified attorneys are expensive and are rated with a law directory called Martin Dale Hubbel. This is the same directory you see in most law offices. You can also find it in your public library. It classifies the attorney by state and it give gives the attorney a rateing which is done by his or her piers. You will also find it gives a detailed brakedown of the attorney in question!
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    lexis-nexis now owns martindale hubble which can be accessed online at Lawyers Find A Lawyer, Law Firm, Attorney & Legal Services: martindale

    It is true that the ratings are by peers (I have the highest possible rating - "AV Preeminent 5.0 out of 5.") But here is how it works. The first year you are eligible for a rating (It used to be 5-years after admission to the bar) you get a package with 10 rating forms to be given to your "colleagues" (read: "friends") to rate you.

    You get listed and rated for free, but if you want a bio or additional info listed you have to pay for it.

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    I had a situation similar to yours honestly I wouldn't worry about it, GO TO your counties sheriffs dept and ask for the denial reason. not a law section number usually theres dedicated people that do the permits. Go to the courthouse in the jurisdiction you had the issue with get your court records. Check the status of the charges from back then. Things can be dismissed but not closed properly which will hang you up for your permit. If you weren't convicted you should not be refused a permit, I was arrested at 19 and charged with A LOT of crap, all dismissed. I have my CHP here in VA. If you can't put the pieces together on your own and get it straightened out, a lawyers the way to go expect to put major money into it, the other crappy part is you'll most likely get a crippled permit in the end anyways. As said above move to a free state! It's worth it. I'm from MA (as commie as NY) and now live in VA. I know at one point I'll wind up living back there and start stressing out just thinking about it and this is why.

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