I have been gaining a lot of good information by following and then subsequently joining this website some time ago. I thought I should contribute to the information base by adding a note about a holster I bought for my Ruger LCP (with CT laser.) At my local indoor shooting range I found a holster brand named "Sticky." The proprieter recommended them so I bought one. I have used it as an inside the waist band holster on several occasions and it has worked quite well despite reaching, bending, etc. Well, today I took my dog for a 2.5 hike along a rather hilly trail beside one of our lakes. I tucked the holster and LCP against my right hip and much to my amazement, it did not move one iota during the entire hike, including the drive there and back. I have to admit I was impressed. I want everyone to know that I have "no vested interest" (NVI) in the company whatsoever, I was just pleasantly surprised at how well it worked. I found that they have a website that can be located by Googling "Sticky" and "holster." Because it has no straps, no clips, etc., and is quite thin, it works in conjunction with the LCP to provide almost zero print when tucked behind a 1 1/2" leather belt even with just a t-shirt over top. Any way, it was a positive experience for me in the realm of concealed carry, so I thought I should share the info. I hope no one is offended or thinks I am trying to profit from trying to provide a commentary regarding something that worked for me. If threads like this are not acceptable, please let me know. I don't need harsh criticism to adjust my ways. I learn quickly with a slight tug on the reins. Thanks.