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    I'm looking at black/o.d. green .40
    You will love it!

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    I have both and XD and an XDm in 45ACP and I love them both! I am a die hard 1911 guy but since I had an "in" with Springfield and got them both for a very good price and they fit my hands better than Glocks I just had to add them to the Family

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    I own, use and love my XDm 40cal 4.5" firearm.

    It is my everyday handgun since day one of getting my CCW.

    I started with an IWB holster, but found an OWB holster (Highnoon Slide Guard) more comfortable.

    Why do I like Springfield's as an everyday carry gun:

    1) Grip safety (just like 1911 style guns)

    2) Trigger safety (like a Glock)

    3) Round in Chamber indicator (can see and feel indication)

    4) Slide in "battery" indicator (visual and feel indication)

    This gun is safe and reliable and with two safeties (no manual safety's) to get in the way when second's count!!!

    Springfield has a no questions, no cost to the consumer C/S return policy if you need to send it back to them for the life of the firearm... this is worth a lot as well!!!

    This gun is a great gun to shoot at the range all day and will not "beat up" your hand... and is very dependable and accurate. I chose the 40cal since it is what I shoot well and is what the FBI carries and is a nice performance mix of stopping power and magazine capacity. My 40cal holds 16+1... which is more than enough for me!!!

    Good luck,
    Springfield XDM 40cal / Crossbreed "QuikClip" Holster (IWB) / High Noon "Slide Guard" Holster (OWB) / Galco Single Mag Carrier (Horizontal) / Gould & Goodrich Gun Belt (Leather & Polymer) / Looper Gun Belt (Leather & Polymer)

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    the XD 9 and XDM 40 are my BUG's the HK USP .45 is the primary, full sized guns are not hard to conceal, mine is in my strong side pancake.
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    I carry the XDm .40 compact 3.8 inch, or I carry the XD 9mm sub compact. Have carried a lot of different weapons and these are my favorite. With your size you won't have to worry about concealment and with the right holster weight does not really matter much. They will eat ANYTHING you feed them. Super reliable and the XDm comes with accessories to taylor it to your own grip. Every bit as good as my Glocks and cheaper to boot. I think they just raised the bar with these pistols. Very impressed.

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