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Thread: Open Top Or Thumb Break w/explanation

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    I am an open top proponent, too. I always called the thumb break a "suicide strap". The SERPA is no different, although it does have the advantage (as stated above) of preventing a ND due to the suicide strap getting in the way (causing what I call the Glock Walk). As many have said, a good holster needs no additional retention device. I have some FIST open top holsters that will hold a short barrel K-Frame .357 in place upside down. The gun will NOT fall out. My Galco Summer Comfort (IWB) also holds my Glock 21 pretty secure. I did, however, have trouble with this model holding a Smith & Wesson M-28 secure. It seems the revolver holster rides higher than the pistol holster. Now, if I absolutely HAD to have a retention device, I would take the SERPA since it is positive and will take very rough handling. The retention of a Uncle Mikes Kydex holster and Fobus Kydex holsters are good . . . very good, in fact. However, the SERPA seems to hold when the others will not. Actually, most of the Kydex holsters that I have tried will hold a pistol in place quite securely, unless you are doing gymnastics with them.

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    I have carried in both open and thumb break holsters. I like the ease of drawing and re-holstering in the open top, but don't have a problem with the thumb breaks either as I have owned and used thumb breaks for years with the revolvers.

    For me, I recently went back to the thumb breaks for 1911 style pistols. Two reasons: 1) to help protect the thumb safety from being accidently bumped and moved into the fire position (this happens occasionlly in several of my open holsters due to various body movements), and 2) I think it helps hide the pistol itself and perhaps alleviates some cause for alarm to others when the shirt is inadvertently moved and the pistol exposed. Particularly with it cocked and locked. Only the holster and the pistol grip is exposed. Yes, I know people will recognize it as a gun. But I think most people will ignore if it is just a quick flash due to the wind. But that's just me. It makes me feel better and thats all that matters.

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