Open Top Or Thumb Break w/explanation
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Thread: Open Top Or Thumb Break w/explanation

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    Open Top Or Thumb Break w/explanation

    I posted this in one other forum, but I'm looking for multiple opinions...

    I'm looking into OWB holsters....(Concealed)

    What I'm wondering is should I go thumb break (which I'm leaning toward) or open top? I really don't want this to turn into a "you should try this holster topic" but I'll mention I'm looking at High Noon holsters as they do offer tension screws...

    I have a XDM compact 9mm...

    The reason I'm leaning toward the thumb break is that I have kids, I KNOW they won't unholster my firearm, BUT I do often have to chase after the two year old. On the High Noon website they mention "holding the firearm with your hand while running" well that would not be a good thing a thumb break would eliminate the need for that.

    I doubt it would impede draw speed that significantly, would it?

    Any insights would be much appreciated!

    Thank you,

  3. Go with what you feel comfortable with. A thumb break doesn't necessarily slow you down. IF you train yourself to work the thumb break as you draw, it becomes just as natural as a 1911 shooter disengaging the thumb safety as he brings the gun onto the target.

    On the other hand, a open top holster should fit the gun snugly enough that it can't just 'fall' out. If you've gotta hold a gun into the holster because you are running, then it needs a retention strap or you need to get a holster made for the gun you are toting. The Don Hume Model 721 I picked up for my FN (not Browning) Hi-Power is a prime example of that. You can turn it upside down and shake the crap out of it moving it up and down with the gun in the holster and the gun won't come out. Yet drawing from it is not a problem because the holster is boned (wet molded most likely) to the specific model gun. There's a little resistance to the draw at the very beginning but after the gun's moved about 1/4 inch, it's smooth as silk.

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    I have always been a thumb break type myself. My prefered holster is the Galco Miami Classic shoulder holster system.

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    A quality concealed carry holster needs no thumb strap as the boning of the holster will provide more than adequate retention. My Kramer vertical scabbard is 5 years old and when held upside down still holds my fully loaded P226 securely without problem, my 4 year old Bulman SDS does the same for my 3lb Springfield 1911.

    One big disadvantage to a thumb break holster is the possibility of an inadvertent discharge of the firearm should the thumb break strap get caught inside the trigger guard during re-holstering.

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    I gave up running when I got into my 40's so open top is good for me. I've had both and, like stated above, if you train with a thumb break holster, it wouldn't impact draw speed.

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    I use an open top (Fobus Paddle) holster for open carry and never have any problems with the gun being loose or falling out. I don't think with practice a thumb break will slow draw speed significantly, but it is one more thing to get in the way.
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    I have used both and my personal choice is an open top. Like others have said, with practice a thumb break really won't slow you down during a draw I just personally don't care for having one more thing in the way when stuff goes bad in a hurry. A quality made open top that is hand boned for the weapon carried should have more than enough retention.
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    I usually use a thumb break OWB for my carry weapon (an airlite j frame) and my thumb just naturally falls between the tab and snap to separate them - doesn't slow anything down.

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    I carry my 461 in a Ray's Clamshell Holster. The entire gun, except for the handle, is securely held in this holster. I carry my semi-autos in Don Hume 715 IWB holsters, except my TCP which I carry in a KNJ pocket holster. I have one thumbbreak and I never use it.
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by Lakeland Man View Post
    I gave up running when I got into my 40's so open top is good for me.
    Waited that long, did ya?

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