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    I was pulled over by a Michigan State Trooper a few years back doing 70 in a 55 when I saw him I immediately pulled over and waited for him as he was going in the opposite direction. When he approached I handed him my Reg, License and Carry permit, He thanked me for letting him know and asked if I had it on me and I did he said ok. When he returned I guess after running a warrant check he said if I give you a warning will you slow down, I said absolutely SIR. I got lucky nice guy now when I go through his area I only go 5 over period.

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    From my experience on 4/21/2011...

    I was driving home last night from my week out of town (Okemos, MI to Wyandotte, MI) in my MazdaSpeed3 and I was stopped by a Romulus, MI cop in a black Camaro and I wanted to let you folks know how it turned out.

    Very brief discourse...

    Me: "Officer, I have a concealed pistol license and I'm carrying a pistol right now" Both of my hands hands were on top of the steering wheel and I also said "all of my info is in the glovebox, so I'll slowly get the papers out for you"

    Officer: "Fine, I appreciate that"

    Officer: "You were going 59mph on a 45mph zone"

    The cop went back to the car, stayed there for about 5 minutes, then came back to my car, all this time, my hands were on top of the steering wheel where he could see them.

    Officer: "Slow it down and have a good evening"

    Me: "Thank you, officer"

    Romulus, MI PD are not known for giving warnings and I'm sure appreciative that I got a warning, not a ticket yesterday! Maybe it was my Persian Gulf Veteran plate, I don't know... I'm very happy about not getting a ticket! The cope was brief but polite and didn't seem overly concerned that I had a pistol with me.
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