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Thread: Positive Police Experience

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    Positive Police Experience

    Yesterday I was on my way out to a semi local park with the family to see if there was any wild edibles growing yet when I got pulled over for missing a stop sign that lead into a parking lot. That was my mistake, and I should have seen it, but didn't expect one going into a parking lot vs leaving one.

    Anyways, the deputy walked up to me as I was in the process of getting out of my truck and asked if I had seen the stop sign. I asked what sign, and he pointed it out to me. I said huh, I honestly didn't see that one. He asked to see my license, and I replied that I was a permit holder and would have to reach past my gun to get my license. He asked if I was carrying presently, and I replied yes sir I am. He said to go ahead and get my license, and thanked me for being honest about carrying.

    After writing up a warning (thankfully as that ticket is $145) he again thanked me for letting him know that I was carrying. He never once asked what I was carrying, but did stick around for a few minutes to talk about carrying in Minnesota. He didn't want to get into to many details about why he supports conceal carry, but he did let me know he supports it strongly.

    At the end of the day we didn't find any wild edibles in the woods, but still had a good day.
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    I had two positive experiences in the small town in NH I am originally from.

    The 1st, I was OC at a local carnival that was with walking distance of my home on a hot summer night. My former wife and I were doing the normal carnival stuff, playing the rip you off games and eating the oh so healthy for you food when two officers approached me. Neither were confrontational in the least and the Lt. asked me why I was carrying, my response was "It is my right and I am licensed to do so". I was not rude, just a normal tone of voice as I kept on eating. He said, "yes it is your right however there are some people nervous seeing you with a gun, would you mind locking it in your car until you leave?" When I told him I had walked here from home he just shrugged and said "well I guess you can't" with a smile and walked away. I did untuck my shirt so the nervous Nellys would relax and a few minutes later I walked past the officers and they noticed what I had done and the Lt. said "Thanks" with a smile.

    The 2nd, it was a cool fall day a year or so later and I was in town running some errands. I had on a light coat and had my pistol in a shoulder holster. After parking my truck and walking around doing my errands I was crossing the street when a gust of wind hit me head on. As I had just the bottom button of my jacket snapped the wind opened my jacket like a parachute revealing my weapon. Just so happened at that very same time, walking towards me crossing the street was a LEO on foot patrol. I casually grabbed the open jacket to hold it closed against the wind and as the officer and I passed each other in the middle of the street he smiles at me and says "Don't you just hate when the wind does that?" my response was "Yes Sir" and smiled back. he just kept walking, never asked to see my CCL.

    The LEO's in this town, EXCEPT for the chief support citizen carry and according to state law the chiefs opinion doesn't matter. As much as he hates it, he has to issue a permit unless he has finds something on your record.
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    Have had several tend to drive fast, in all cases stop was positive with warnings issued, typically ending with officer liking CC. Love Texas.

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    Thanks! Always good to read of such positive experiences.

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    An old high school friend who I played football with has been a sheriff deputy for many years in California and said that he thinks the 2nd Amendment IS the permit for carry for anyone who can legally own a firearm. He also said, "we already know who the bad guys are and most of them already have illegal guns on them." I told him that he is my kind of law enforcement officer. He has been shot by a bad guy in the forearm but says he has never had a problem or even a fear of a law abiding citizen who has voluntarily applied for a weapon permit.

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    Not always the case, but usually a ccw is a good way to go from a ticket to a warning in Northern Nevada.

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    Great posts, all of them. Glad to finally hear some goods things said about LEO's then all the other rhetoric on other threads. Although, some seem to be in need of posting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by disneyr View Post
    usually a ccw is a good way to go from a ticket to a warning in Northern Nevada.
    So how do we bring that trend to Iowa?

    Seriously though, I haven't had a speeding ticket in years and I ride my bike to work so I'm a fine one to gripe about traffic tickets...

  10. Its great to hear that time to time civilians have positive experiences with LEOS. Pleasant experiences never happens in New York, expecially in the state of the city of New York. Here one is guilty no matter what.

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    I have been pulled over twice since I started carrying. No, I don't drive like a maniac! lol I drive professionally and it happens. Anyway, the first time was by a city policeman the second by a state trooper/dot trooper. Both had very similar reactions to the fact I was carrying a weapon. Nothing was said other than "ok" in a very relaxed manner. I was surprised, I expected more of a reaction. But it is good to see that my carrying was received not as a threat to the officers.

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