Measure Once, Cut Twice.....VERIFYING!
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Thread: Measure Once, Cut Twice.....VERIFYING!

  1. Measure Once, Cut Twice.....VERIFYING!

    MODS plz allow this here also, in case no one from AL checks the AL thread and can advise me re: what I posted there...thx

    I'm just attempting to verify something before I head into 'bama tomorrow.

    By looking at the AL thread I see that carry on a college campus is not allowed, but I don't see anything about church carry. That's probably because there's nothing there re: it, but I just want to make sure. I know, I know.....concealed means concealed...

  3. I live here in bama & I thought I would double check on that myself. So i looked on the back of my permit & it doesn't say anything about churches. It says I can carry anywhere in AL unless its prohibited. So I would say its ok. The only thing I would do if you wanted to double check, call the the county sheriff's office where you will be & ask them. Hope this helps!

  4. yep, did some digging myself this a.m. and it appears church and campus carry are permitted. oh well, concealed means concealed. thx.

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