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Thread: How Many People Legally Carry Concealed in the USA?

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    In terms of number of permits issued, the total is running about 6 million. Add up the numbers here: CCW Statistics

    As to how many of those actually carry, your guess is as good as anyone's.

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    I see you've already been given a website with gross numbers, DWC. There's also one here with percentages to save you the trouble of looking up state populations and doing the math if that's a stat you're also interested in.

    As already pointed out though, those numbers are based on permits issued. I've never seen a guesstimate of what percentage of permit holders actually exercise the privilege on a regular basis.

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    I believe that it is nobody's business. But in some counties/cities here in WV when someone gets a permit it is put in that area's local paper. As someone else said on that topic what if someone is trying to protect themselves from an abusive spouse all that person has to do is look in the paper and know that person now has a permit. To me it is our right and our business!

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    Quote Originally Posted by father-of-three View Post list the number of permits that were issues by each county in Pennsylvania for the past few years. They also the number of permits that were revoked by county. No names, just numbers.

    Regarding a license, I don't believe the document is confidential information. I have a social work license, and have noticed that my name and place of employment have mysteriously shown up on few healthcare ratings websites.
    Don't you hate how sometimes things about yourself just "show up" on the computer?

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    It's very close to 300,000 in Michigan with current concealed carry license (CPL).
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    Quote Originally Posted by NRA UR2 View Post
    Thats why they call it concealed carry. If the "Bad Guy" knew who you were you might become one dead puppy.
    AW, I like puppies.

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    add me to the six million if accuracy counts

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackieChan View Post
    add me to the six million if accuracy counts
    Apparently a new permit holder. Otherwise, he's already been counted in the WA tally.

    Then again, that's a 2004 source for Washington State.

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    I hope nobody actually knows. That's a step toward registration. The contrivance of permit (for a fee) in the free exercise of an enumerated civil right is unconstitutional. This practice only exists where it is allowed to exist by the voters.

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