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    I think that some of my problem is I have carpal tunnel syndrome in that hand, of course my dominant hand. I wear a splint off and on. So I was really worried about recoil. To my suprise it wasn't bad. I believe with practice, practice, practice I will get better. I appreciate all of the advice.

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    I hate to admit it, I do the same thing with my first mag at the range. I am trying to break myself of the bad habit.

    It happens to me when I get a good sight picture then grab the trigger too fast, Kinda like my mind telling me hurry take the shot now fast squeeze. Once I get the first mag out of my system and I calm down I do better.

    I was told by one of my range instructors to start slowly squeezing the trigger straight back, once the gun goes off keep trigger squeezed all the way back. Once the gun jumps then settles back on target ( then and only then ) let the trigger out.

    It also helps me to start squeezing the trigger and mentally think Squeeze, Squeeze, Squeeze. ( three times in my mind ). The pistol goes off usually as I'm thinking squeeze the third time. Kinda works for me takes my mind off the process, the finger follows what my mind is thinking. I don't anticipate the recoil.

    Hope that might help you. If not get a good range instructor to help you. A third person watching you can see what you can't.

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    Thanks Chap!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcarmody View Post
    The best way I know to diagnose and get rid of trigger-jerk is the dummy-and-ball drill. Have a training partner load your gun, or not load it, and hand it to you - you won't know which. Your job is to press the trigger without jerking it at all. It's uncanny how, when you don't know if the gun will go "click" or "bang", your trigger-jerk becomes obvious. It's important to have more empty chambers than loaded and by the end of the drill you'll have your hole in the center of the target.
    You sir are a steely-eyed missle man! That is a good idea.

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    Cool Shooting low left

    After age 77 and shooting most every hand gun produced worldwide..and shooting low left...I tried My Son inlaws Ruger .45...shooting low dawned on Me that the trigger pull was way long, just like my P38, Luger, Mauser 96 etc. Now when shooting I take up the slack before going on target,,,what a differance.

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