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    I have had mixed reactions on having a CCW badge just because it will give an anxious officer a reason to pause and not shoot at someone he or she may perceive as a threat. Ultimately my opinion is to ask the responding persons in your area and see what they say. Please no sash or odd items though it reflects poorly on all of us.
    I wore my CCW Badge during the filming of the rap video, "Sheepdogs for Life" starring Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. a.k.a. Sheep Doggy Dogg.

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    To shorten the above paragraphs, The DSM Safety Banner is the most effective, caveman simple way to identify yourself to responding law enforcement officers after a critical situation. At $31.99 a unit, it is some of the most inexpensive insurance you can find so that you’re not fatally misidentified.
    How about just verbally tell them who you are, and follow any and all directions that are given to you... That IS about as Caveman as it gets...!

    Also, Police look for the HANDS. Your HANDS are what controls your pistol or knife, or your ability to pull something out that can cause you harm...

    Put your hand in your pocket to pull one of these BADASS Sash's out and you might be breathing through holes other then your mouth or nostrils.

    ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS, Follow the commands of an Officer on scene. Period.
    " I carry a gun because cops are too heavy" ~ Unknown

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treo View Post
    You know you want one
    I want 2, one to ****** on, and one to cover it up.

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    Is this for real!!!! Who in their right mind would buy or, wear this garbage....

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    Arrow I got just one word for ya!

    Quote Originally Posted by trophyhunter View Post
    Is this for real!!!! Who in their right mind would buy or, wear this garbage....

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