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Thread: Incident while carrying concealed with a fanny pack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rdc2co View Post
    Fanny pack DOES scream gun, however I still wear mine anyway.
    Throw on a pair of sweatpants, an Underarmor shirt, workout gloves, and a pair of Chuck Taylors. Then see how many people associate your fanny pack with "gun". You'll probably have more people ask about where you are going to workout.

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    24 Hour Fitness. I walk there to warm up. LOL

  4. I used to use a fanny pack to carry my Glock 23.

    One time I walked into a bait shop next to the Tim's Ford Lake in TN. Inside were two TN Highway Patrol officers and two sheriff's deputies, sitting drinking coffee and just talking. Other than them, the place was empty.

    I walked in with my 4 year old holding his hand and all four officers stopped, took one look at my fanny pack and I could see that all of them knew I was armed. Not one said a word to me and they went back to their discussion.

    Very relieved when I left because while I had an AL CCW permit, I had no idea on reciprocity with TN since this was pre-internet days around 1997 or so.

    For this and other reasons, I don't use a fanny pack anymore since it's so obvious I'm carrying a gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by k45 View Post
    "Nothing screams "gun" as much as a fanny pack"

    Or an untucked shirt tail ;-) Seriously, when in Walmart and I see someone with an untucked shirt tail, I wonder if they are carrying.

    However we carry, we think it is obvious to everyone else. Yes, it might be noticed by a cop or another carrier, but most non gun people just do not notice....and so what if they do? As has been observed by many people who open carry, most people are totally oblivious to a fully exposed gun on a hip. Do you think those same people think "gun" when they see a fanny pack? I don't think so.
    Depends on where you are from. I grew up in the South and my family is still there. they tuck in everything. Nothing looks more geek to me than a tucked in shirt while weaing white socks and boat shoes. Who ever notices a fanny pack after that I have to wonder. :-0


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    Some people just have no self confidence. I don't really care what other people think, and if I want to carry a fanny pack, or wear a pink shirt, I will. I also do a lot of camping and backpacking, and use concealed carry for more than just protection against the humans I encounter, with my preferred choice being a Taurus .357 Magnum. Fanny pack carry isn't something I'm particularly going to worry about my manhood disappearing any time soon. My own take on this is that self confidence is nearly as important as anything else in protecting yourself. If you only rely on your weapon, you stand a better chance of having to use it. Swagger will also get you into a situation. Just be yourself, be confident without being arrogant or swaggering, and be confident in your ability to use that weapon if the need really arises. I practice, and am a pretty good shot, but never take my practice for granted. If a situation requiring my gun develops, it won't matter so much what my gun is carried in, what will matter is that I have it available, and my mind is right about the situation, and that I'm practiced and proficient enough to make carrying it worth more than a mistake altogether.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CMNIII View Post
    On the other hand - I do still feel weird when I carry in the bank.

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    Can't "carry" into financial institutions in NC. However..... since I usually conduct my business at the "drive through"...... who's to know?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rdc2co View Post
    I bought a patch that says "Canon" on it and had it sewn on. Have a patch with "Minolta" on it, too, just haven't had it sewn onto anything
    Canon sounds better than Minolta. Of course you're missing the second 'n'.

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    My kid gives me a hard time for using a fanny pack for CCW. "every knows youhave a gun ". My reply to him is "GOOD". Forewarned is forearmed. If someone knows that there is anotherperson with a gun available, maybe I will NEVER have to draw a weapon in anger. I have personally begun to think that anyone who has a looose shirt that is not tucked inis carrying. I think that is part of situational awareness!


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    Quote Originally Posted by SC Tiger View Post
    Good point but when I carry concealed, I don't want anyone to even suspect I am carrying. The pack makes it kind of stand out.
    Only to you. I bought my Uncle Mikes fanny pack back in 1990 or 91, long before shall issue concealed carry was ever passed by any state. I've worn it off and on ever since. The only people who've ever recognized it as a gun pack are other CCW people, one cop and one theme park security guard, and I could care less about them. That's about a dozen people in 20 years. You're making the mistake of drawing your opinion from the reactions of other gun people. Those people are few and far between when you're out in public, and like I said before, you don't care about them. Even on the extremely rare occasions when my fanny pack got recognized as a concealed carry pack, it was never when I was actually carrying a gun in it (I rarely do). There could have been others who never said anything to me but the law of averages says at least some of them would have. I'm an extrovert and I talk to people all the time.

    And the rest of you guys must lead sheltered lives if you think people don't wear fanny/belly packs. Lots of people wear them.

    But, if you're against fanny/belly packs in hot weather, I have come acros a solution for myself that might also work for you. I've mentioned it on other threads here. I wear a Crossbreed SuperTuck holster on a Crossbreed carry belt with my shorts and I wear Hawaiian shirts. Hawaiian shirts are designed to be worn loose and somewhat baggy, so they're perfect for CCW, especially if you get them one size too big. They're extremely comfortable in the summer too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Punch View Post
    The easiest way to make sure that nobody knows you have a gun in your fanny pack is to wear a pink shirt and have a sweater tied around your shoulders. Also, wear your sunglasses on the top of your head. Should work just fine.
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