Incident while carrying concealed with a fanny pack.
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Thread: Incident while carrying concealed with a fanny pack.

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    Incident while carrying concealed with a fanny pack.

    This is something that happened to me about a year ago. I have an Uncle Mike's Fanny Pack holster for my PM9 and Smith 60 (same pack works for both). It was obvious to me what it was but I figured the non-gun enthusiast would not know what it was. One day I was wearing it while taking a walk around the neighborhood with the wife (I was wearing gym shorts so had no other way to carry). I stop to talk to a neighbor and somehow we got onto the topic of concealed carry (at this point I had not mentioned that I had the gun on me as we were still on the sidewalk, and I don't know that he even knew I had a CHL). He mentions carrying while in the yard and says "I need something to carry in while doing yard work, kind of like that thing you have there" and points to the fanny pack.

    I guess those things aren't so discreet after all. Sometimes packs and bags like that aren't as discreet as we think they are.

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    Almost as soon as they came out they were obsolete. Nothing screams GUN more than a guy wearing a fanny pack these days IMO. I got one when they first appeared years ago and stopped using it after about a month. To me it just felt weird wearing a fanny pack.
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    I have to chime in with my $.02. I ordered two such type packs (Tommygun..still waiting for them).
    First off for wife when out running this would be best. Mostly for 4 legged animals then 2 legged.
    As for me when going to gym, easy to take off and leave in the car, or bike riding. I think this would be best.
    If people can open carry then I think using a fanny pack is fine because in this case it's not about "surprise" or "stealth", it's about concealment and access.
    It doesn't "print" and won't accidentally be exposed. No matter what the neighbor said to the OP short of "so you carry a gun in there" he still does not know what you have inside..... keys, small cam to snap his hot wife , just kidding. Whatever, same goes for anyone else. I know in PRMass just printing can get you arrested. So with the pack the gun is concealed!Nobody knows for sure, only your hairdresser! If anyone feels insecure because people might think you are living in the 80's or that they are thinking you have a gun you can, on occasion pull out a camera, sunglasses, wallet etc. now and then to distract the gun thought.
    I do have to say if you can carry with no sign or hint of doing so, that would be the best way. By that I mean IWB, Pocket or shoulder carry. All in all I think waist pack has it's place and merit.

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    Still use mine on occasion am older guy and a few older folks still use fanny packs

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    Not as apparent as you might think

    The fanny pack is a viable method to carry in the summertime when excess clothing does not make sense.
    I've worn one MANY times and have never had anyone mention it, point at it or anything. Maybe a fellow "gunner" might know what may be in there, but then that is only a guess, too.
    Don't wear a "gun related" T-shirt if you want to remain anonymous.
    The guy you spoke of in your yard did not know you were carrying. Put other items in the pack. Mine has pockets up front that can hold phone, glasses etc.

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    That's what I think when seeing a man with a fanny pack.

  8. In Colorado last summer, I'd guess roughly 1/3 of the touristy folks were carrying a fanny pack or larger camera case. More females than males but still, quite a few of all age groups. Actually, the brighter the color, the less likely someone will figure you're packing. I would call them a belt pack since no one was carrying them on their "fanny".

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    "Nothing screams "gun" as much as a fanny pack"

    Or an untucked shirt tail ;-) Seriously, when in Walmart and I see someone with an untucked shirt tail, I wonder if they are carrying.

    However we carry, we think it is obvious to everyone else. Yes, it might be noticed by a cop or another carrier, but most non gun people just do not notice....and so what if they do? As has been observed by many people who open carry, most people are totally oblivious to a fully exposed gun on a hip. Do you think those same people think "gun" when they see a fanny pack? I don't think so.

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    Funny, I made the same observation on another thread: "Nowadays IMHO a fanny pack screams "I have a gun in here!" Might as well open carry." I was responded to in essence that fanny packs are still in common style and are not commonly thought of as containing firearms. I didn't respond further not wanting to insult the responder or the fashion sense of the region in which he lives. :)

    This thread proves my point. The last time I used a DeSantis Gunnysack was in Panama in 1993 when off duty. Now it just screams "I have a firearm in here!" Go in pocket carry with a pocket holster for discrete summer time carry.

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    @ Nightmare45 Yeah, older guys who carry firearms in them. :)
    A man's life, liberty, and property are only safe when the legislature is NOT in session. Will Rogers

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