Gun law guide.
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Thread: Gun law guide.

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    Gun law guide.

    So, yeah, I haven't been around this site long, and have been busy lately so haven't checked in daily like I had been, but hadn't seen this posted before. If it has, and this is a repeat, please feel free to delete.

    I was just clued into a great little guide (I think) every one of us should memorize, whether we travel state to state, or only in our won. I can't wait to get mine, I ordered it just now.


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    Looks like a handy guide to have. I will be ordering one myself. Thanks for sharing.

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    I get one every year and keep it in my vehicle. When we enter a new state, my wife pulls it out and quizzes me on the law of that state. It really helps. Oh yeah, they will send you a reminder each year to get the latest edition.

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