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    You could always put down, "No, this isn't France durring WWII."

    Seriously, in this economy, I don't see it as an issue. A lot of people are out of work.

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    Lying on the application is worse. Always tell the truth. Being unemployed is not representative of your character as a law-abiding citizen. This is a poor economy. Many people are unemployed right now. The judge will understand.

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    I would think "occupation" would be better than job, if you have always worked int he same field, maybe you could put "sales" or whatever down, no lying but not being totally honest either. Either way, as long as you don't put "hitman for the mob" or "assassin" I don't see that they would have a problem. All in all, be honest.

    One more thing, if you were employed, and put the information down, then between the time you submitted the form, and got the permit you lost your job, what would happen then? I'm sure it has happened somewhere, to someone.

  5. I'm with upnorth.
    Just because you're not employed does not mean you changed occupations.
    Put in what you like. It's always valid, even if you're not employed.

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    I have a friend that put unemployed an he go his Florida permit.

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    Sccy is the limit

  7. I also was unemployed when i filed for my cc permit and i had no trouble so yes u can put that you are unemployed.

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    Thumbs down Unemployment Badges

    Quote Originally Posted by cbutler114 View Post
    I also was unemployed when (I) filed for my cc permit and (I) had no trouble so yes u can put that you are unemployed.
    Unemployment Badges?!? We don't need no stinkin badges!!!

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    Shall issue state it probably doesn't matter, may issue state it definitely does matter as they will probably determine your "need" for a permit. Unfortunately just the way it is.

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    Occupation is what you do, not who you do it for.

    If the form asks for "employer", well, you say "none"

    And, what's it to them, anyway?

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