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    Not that I'm experienced or anything, but shooting to wound is also a very bad idea. If you shoot somebody only to wound them, your probably firing your weapon for the wrong reason anyway. Secondly, if you shoot to wound, The still ALIVE bg can sue you, lie to the police, or still kill you. I would not get involved in a situation like that because you would be more of a reliability than anything.... Be smart when you carry, thats my plan

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    Assuming that you are serious ... call 911 first. If you watch a video like this it comes with a nice summary on who provoked and attacked whom. Reality does not, you just walk up to a fight and you can't assume you know how it started. If you end up defending the attacker you are in trouble.

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    In SC and probably other states we have the Alter Ego rule which allows someone to intervene in a situation where someone is being attacked and your presumption is that if it were you, you were in imminent danger of death or great bodily injury; your actions would also provide you with an immunity to civil or criminal liability. Having said that, a big altercation or mob scene fracas is something that you cannot be sure of who or what is really going on---it may be obvious that someone is being beaten senseless but even then making a decision, particularly where your firearm could be in play, gets to be a difficult scenario. Alter Ego sounds good on paper and in the Code but in real life, unless it is you or your family, it gets very "iffy". Calling 911 first is the obvious. After that, it is very hard to say what someone should do. I tend to think that I will "know it when I see it" and act accordingly.

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