North Carolina Concealed carry laws
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Thread: North Carolina Concealed carry laws

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    North Carolina Concealed carry laws

    I have a Virginia Concealed carry permit & I am going to take a trip into North Carolina to look at a motorcycle. This being the case I was hoping that someone could point me in the right direction as to the laws there.

    I found some stuff on the NC law like you can't carry in a financial institution or places where posted, I'm sure, like in Va. you can't drink & carry but can you go to a restaurant that sells alcohol (even if you don't drink)

    Also, what are the requirements to advise law enforcement in case of a traffic stop or checkpoint? Is it mandatory by law?

    I appreciate any guidance, just want OK be ok.
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    1) Cannot carry in any establishment that serves alcohol for consumption on the premises.

    2) Required to notify LEO during a traffic stop/checkpoint

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