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Thread: How has concealed carry changed your life?

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    I wear my shirt tail out all the time now. Other than that, no difference.

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    I have to remember to un-holster my sidearm before a sit on the bowl.
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    At age 71, I've carried daily for about 45 years and will till I'm to weak to carry. It makes me a much more temperate and friendly person, as I absolutely don't want any confrontations that could get out of hand. However, I know that seniors are sometimes a target, so I practice regularly and always carry two pistols, one in ankle holster and TCP in pocket. I'm ready, but always hope for the best.

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    I spend a lot more money on range ammo.
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    it adds about 25 ounces of weight to my right hip, which makes no diffience when u weigh around 300 pounds.

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    I think a number of you are not comprehending what Tuckers mom is saying. She was an anti more or less and came over to our side... why diss her for it? The fact that you don't note a change in your life takes nothing away from her experience!

    I know for my part I was a supporter of gun rights who didn't own guns.... then I bought my first one for CC in 08 and now I have a closet full of all kinds and I am heavily involved in firearms rights in my home state as well as Nationally. The point is if I had not taken that CC class and purchased that first pistol likely i would still be on the sidelines.

    Also I hope every person that carries made at least one change... I hope you think about being situational aware as the gun is only a small part of being ready.
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    I've carried my whole adult life, so no change. I started carrying in California in 1988. Yes, I had a CCW in California back then and a permit to carry on university and college campuses because I was on my college pistol team. Also in the mid-1980's I was on my high school trap shooting team and took a Remington 870 to school often. I have carried in many U.S. states and in foreign countries. I am glad to see things are getting easier for CCW in many places now. No changes in the last 23 years but the gear has gotten better and the older I get the smaller the handgun I carry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cabrera View Post
    I have to remember to un-holster my sidearm before a sit on the bowl.
    Would not be an issue when using a shoulder holster.

  10. I don't own any guns yet (saving up or a Sig 229 SAS) but I do carry a knife. Since I started looking into acquiring my CWFL, I've tried to practice better SA. I need to hone this skill because I would like to eventually become a Police Officer.

    Quote Originally Posted by localgirl View Post
    I grew up around guns and hunting, but am just now starting to carry. I noticed two things changed. One is that I feel more confident and aware of my surroundings. The second is that I have to carry some kind of purse (yuck) or bag at all times, which is inconvenient. Unfortunately female fashion and the workplace usually preclude holster carry.
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  11. Sorry double post, didn't think it went through the first time.

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