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Thread: How has concealed carry changed your life?

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    I am much more careful about driving; following speed limits and such. While I don't fear a traffic stop anymore that I ever did, I do expect it will be more complicated time consuming than it might be if I were not carrying. That is time lost and additional hassle I'd just as soon avoid. And I find I stay calmer in situations that used to irritate or threaten me. All good in my opinion.
    I no longer trust my government to act on my behalf.

  3. Has changed my life i a few ways

    The ways consealed carry has changed my life is one now I am more informed about guns and gun laws. Before i started to get my conseale carry permit i was never interested nor had i ever shot a handgun. I got my permit because i live in a not so good neiborhood and wanted extra protection for me and my family. Since i got my permit i am now very interested in the laws and polotics surrounding it. i have done alot of rescearch and even wrote a paper for school on it. Im trying to get my girlfriend to get hers and anyone who ask me a question about it I am glad to educate someone on what I know. Now I dont leave the house without my P95 and now I am looking into geting a .40 cal and a bullet proof vest.

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    I have not had one drink since I started to carry. Never want to be the slightest bit impaired if I am in a situation where I might have to stop a threat. Drive slower drive defensively, but most important is I never have to ever be a victim. I feel safer in every situation. I am more aware of my surroundings and have greater peace of mind.

  5. I am much more aware of my surroundings, security, and more thoughtful about situations and places I put myself into. Carrying, for me, carries with it a great deal of responsibility and judgement, and I find myself using the first line of defense more often...avoiding likely dangerous places and situations. A keen awareness that I have the power to very quickly take another life is sobering.

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    i grew up with weapons of all sizes and being in the marine corps made me more aware!!! i personally search out the good quiet places to eat avoid larges groups of people and being able to carry concealed is like roaming around with 15 of your closest buddies. it gives the warm and fuzzy of being safe in any given situation

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    I must say that carrying concealed has not changed my life.I have been around weapons my whole life. My father being a single parent always carried. So when I turned 21 I was just continuing to do what I grew up with And now I have the pleasure of taking my son for his carry permit and pass on My Grandfathers Colt 1903 .32 pocket pistol that he carried in WWll then it was passed to my dad then me and now, My son

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    Since I have now carried for a month now, carrying has made me more aware of my surroundings and more confident in stature. I also avoid confrontation any way possible and will refuse to fight. I see no need for fighting anymore..If someone was acting as the agressor and I could not escape and calling the police did not work, I would be prepared to defend myself. I think very carefully about how I present myself and act towards others. I play alot of what if games too.

  9. I said this in more words on another forum. I'll keep it brief here.

    Before I returned to legal carry, I played a lot of pool with my buddies, and we drank a lot of beer and bourbon at a local bar. Now me and my buddies are all legal carriers and we instead opt for coffee and pie at a cafe. We've decided two things: 1.) Being armed and alert is a better feeling than being unarmed and buzzed. 2.) A good slice of pie has fewer calories than several boilermakers, and won't make your head hurt in the morning.

    CCW can be healthy.

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    I kind of get a chuckle out of the observations that "an armed society is a polite society" and "I'm more tolerant toward others" and "I assume others are armed too."

    I call this the "Samurai's Dilemma".

    In times of yore, the warrior Samurai was most polite in the rest of society. Particularly toward other Samurai. Why? Because the Samurai, noting that the other warrior was equally armed, had only to "guess" at the skill of the potential opponent. If the decision was made to fight, there were three possible outcomes: 1) You would get killed or injured. 2) You could kill or injure each other. 3) You would WIN!

    One out of three odds of NOT getting killed or injured is not good odds. Hence, everyone was MOST respectful of each other. (Unless there was no other way out other than to fight, of course.)

    Things haven't changed all that much in an armed society, I surmise.

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    I feel safer.
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