Holster for a Kahr PM9?
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Thread: Holster for a Kahr PM9?

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    Holster for a Kahr PM9?

    I presently carry a Ruger LCP in a Desantis Maverick holster. It has a thumb break and just clips to my belt. I like this in that I can just grab the holster and clip it on without having to take my belt off. I have carried for over 20 years so I have a file cabinet filled with holsters for my other guns. The closest I can find to the Maverick for the PM9 would be to buy the Don Hume H715-M T.B. in an opposite hand draw and just clip to my belt . I do not want an IWB carry ( always hated them) and don't want a pancake that I have to web my belt through. Anyone with any other ideas?? Thanks for any input!

    I should also add that for me it MUST have the thumb break! I ride a motorcycle and depend on the added security of the thumb break.

  3. I have a smartcarry for my PM9 and I love it.

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