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Thread: Why Do You Carry Concealed?

  1. To avoid question of why I'm carrying at all.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Thomascarraway View Post
    To avoid question of why I'm carrying at all.
    Perhaps the best response on this thread yet!


  4. My wife and I walk in the evenings. Icarry for protection.

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    Personal protection. I was threaten a few times and my home was broken into once. I feel that I'm too old to be taking a butt whippin and the next time someone tries to break into my house I want to welcome them properly!!

  6. Why wouldn't you? It's our right.

  7. I am another who agrees with the fire extinguisher analogy. I want to protect my family and continue to live so I can provide for them.

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    I carry because I dont want to be a victim or a mutilated corpse. I carry concealed because its safer and avoids many potential problems like having a "man with a gun" call on me.

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    I carry because my job requires travel to Miami, Homestead and Florida City.

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    I carry due to some locations my job sends me.
    Now my wife does not have a C.W.P. BUT carries a legal weapon ( don't laugh ) a can of wasp/hornet spray shoots 25-30 feet hurts like the dickens and you have to go to the hospital for cure ! nuff said

  11. I carry concealed for a few reasons. One, open carry is no longer approved in NH. Two, open carry attracts a lot of attention from the non-carry folks. Three, it keeps the criminals and fratboys wondering just who *might* be carrying.
    Then of course there is the fact that it is nobody's damned business whether I'm carrying or not.

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