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Thread: Why Do You Carry Concealed?

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    i carry because anything can happen at any given time and safety for me and my family are most important! Im still trying to find a "inside the pants holster for my ar-15"

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    It's simple, because I can. I have a responsibility to my family's protection. I work hard for what I have. God willing, and gun in hand, I will not let anyone take that from me. Carry On.

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    I carry for all the things that haven't happened to my family or to me, but might.

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    Because open carry just doesn't make good sense.

  6. I view it as my responsibility to legally carry a firearm whereever I can, in order to protect myself and my family.

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    There are sheep, and then there are sheepdogs. Carrying enables me physically, and equip me mentally to be that sheepdog. Bottom line, I carry to protect myself and my loved ones if the situation demands it. Hope I never have to, but I will be ready, trained, capable, proficient and legally justified if/when I do. As a secondary reason, I carry to exercise my 2nd amendment right, and continually educate myself to advocate on behalf of that right.

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    Carry consealed

    In Wv if you have a cc licence you can not carry open. That is one reasion the other is self defense and protection. In most cases but not all we do not have as many problems here as the big city. I have lived in both places. However times are now changeing even here.


  9. Because walking around with a gun hanging out isn't cool. I live in a rural area, police response even for an emergency is likely to be 20 minutes or more. I will be the police until they show up.

  10. A gun in my hand is far better then a 911 operator on the phone!!

    I carry because criminals don't take a time out in order for victims to call 911 and then wait for the police.

  11. Too many psychos out there

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