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Thread: Why Do You Carry Concealed?

  1. My reason is very simple. The rights that we wont exercise are the ones people are more likely to mess with. Of course there is always that I wish to protect my family and self, however its the idea and right to carry of other law abiding citizens that I see as the bigger picture.

  3. I feel that conceal carry not only offers the protection that i need. I prefer it to open carry. There is not need to telegraph your position. The important thing is to be able to react decisively if the need arises.

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    I can best your question Luke. Why doesn't every decent hardworking American CCW? Why do we live in a country filled with sheeple? Why do they always expect someone else to come to their aid? Why is the apathy rate in country sky rocketing? But I digress. When I was 30 yrs. old I was a physically strong capable LEO. I had hand to hand training and could take down, disarm, and cuff most attackers in their first charge. But it was a different time then and I lived in a small town where not too many terrible things happened. One day I was fishing a stream no more than a mile from my home. I was at the waters edge when I noticed two men standing up on top of the embankment. I said hi, and they ask how the fishing was. I told them I was one short of my limit but that I was leaving then anyway so they should get their gear and come on down. They seemed friendly enough so when one of them commented on my sidearm and ask about it I had a momentary lapse of judgement. I was proud of that revolver and didn't need much prompting to show it off. I pulled it out of the holster to let them see. Oh they oohed and awed over it and when he ask if he could get the feel of it I said sure. I wish I could take that moment back. It was without a question the Dumbest damn thing I think I've ever done. He liked it. He liked it a lot and showed his companion. By now I was getting that sick in the stomach feeling like I should never have done that (but like I said it was different back then). I still had that naive trust for everyone that came with my upbringing. (I wish I could go back in time and give myself a good hard head smack for it.) About then he says "What do you figure you could do about it if I decide to keep this gun?" You never what to be in that situation friends, but I had done two things right that day that saved my dumbass. 1- I had emptied the cylinders before handing it over and 2- I had carried my BUG. (I carried the bug because I had the .357 loaded with snake rounds.) I pulled my .38 cocked the hammer back and held in the ready position and said. "well I guess I'd have to shoot you. He said "good answer" (one he hadn't counted on I'd wager.) He started to take a step towards me like he was going to hand my gun back I raised the .38 and pointed it square at his head. I said lay it down and back away. Once I recovered my .357 I lowered the hammer and told them who I was and for them to go to the trunk of their vehicle and glue their hands to it. I patted them both and removed their wallets to check their IDs. They had out of state DLs but didn't seem to know any of the local town names. If I'd had a cell phone in those days I would have called for backup while we sorted it all out. But instead I told them that they had worn out their welcome in that town and that if I saw them again that the outcome was going to be real different. I cut them loose and never saw them again. Hindsight is a great tool if you learn from the experience. I certainly did. I lost a lot of trust for my fellow man that day and I'm damn lucky that trust was all I lost. My trust is never given anymore, it must be earned. I have carried open and concealed and I recommend concealed. Why let the bad guy know you have an ace in the hole? But however you like to carry, just be sure you carry.
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  5. I carry because this right is in danger of being taken away from us and, of course, for protection should the need arise.

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    I agree with Lalo32 - the more of us who do, the harder it is to argue that it will produce a crime wave rather than reduce violent crime - and the facts seem to show that it does far more good than harm.

    But I sometimes ask myself if I really need to carry, especially in the Florida Summer heat when you wear next to nothing. Then the other day, someone shot up a Denny's parking lot here. . . and there was nobody to stop him.

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    I would rather have it and not need it then need it and not have it.

  8. I carry because I got my CCW to be able to purchase guns without the limits or waiting period. And now that I have the permit and right to carry, if I went out with my family and something bad happened, who's fault would it be that I could not defend us. Once you have the permit, it's almost your responsibility to make sure you have your weapon with you.
    Now I dont leave home without it. And I'm looking forward to the cooler weather - can carry my Glock 22 much easier with sweaters and jeans!

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    I carry for protection. People are getting mugged in the daytime, around here. Also, I own several guns and the CCL helps speed up the buying process.

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    I carry because I would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. I have been carrying a couple years now and I carry all the time everywhere I can. I even carry in the house and out in the yard. Am I expecting an attack, No, but how stupid would I feel if someone kicked down the door armed, and there I set on the couch with my gun in the bedroom.. I have small black first alert dogs, who let me know if someone is doing something they shouldn't but they cant shoot, so I have to protect them as well as my self and my husband, who just today said I don't need my gun cause you always have yours. We have an alarm but that's mostly for when we leave home.
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  11. You're right, tattedupboy. Although it's likely that in many situations a perp will by definition have the drop, I'd still rather have it & not need it than need it & not have it. Glad to hear you came through & are still armed.

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