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Thread: Why Do You Carry Concealed?

  1. I am licensed and carry because I feel I've earned the privilege after 21 years of Air Force service, 15 of which overseas where I had no right to own, much less carry a weapon. Plus I feel more secure while carrying down here on the border in Texas.

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    I take quite a few motorcycle trips and sometimes I end up on some out of the way back roads, so I carry in case I meet someone with the wrong idea

  4. More people should get educated n concealed carry.

  5. There have been at least two occasions where a firearm would have helped me out and I did not have one. So now I carry concealed and feel much more confident when I am out and about or even when I am home. In addition I carry to preserve my right to "...keep and bear arms", which should not require a license to do because then it is not a right. I will continue to support politicians who favor doing away with the licensing requirement. Let's hear it for Alaska and Vermont!

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    It's my right as a citizen of our great nation and my responsibility to my family. I do not want the bad guys to be the only armed people out there with concealed weapons.

  7. Crazy knuckleheads out there that won't think twice about robbing or taking your life for five bucks. I carry to protect myself and my family just in case.

  8. I know it has to have been said already, but I would rather live the rest of my life never needing my gun than die wishing I had it.

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    Why I carry concealed...In todays society...The will to live...

  10. Why? Local crime not withstanding, this is my primary reason.
    Fifteen years ago I helped the police capture a felon on the run. My inspiration was the fact that he was also stalking my teenaged daughter. Through others I gave him fair warning to vanish, but he didn't. He decided to make threats against my family. Because I contacted his family and friends and personally tracked him, he knew that I helped put him away and he made threats to me through the police when captured. I'm really fine with that, just don't screw with my family.
    He "did his time", and is now out among the rest of the low-lifes that he associates with.
    I don't seek him out, but there may be some that would seek me.
    I'll leave it at that.
    My .38's are Special.

  11. I carry to defend myself and my wife. We live in an area where there are a lot of the element that you see on the internet involved in the "pack-mentality" crap, and ten of them kicking the hell out of one guy on the ground until he's in a coma. That won't happen to me because I looked over at someone at a light wrong. People don't want to say excuse me or I'm sorry, they just defend their rude and illegal actions with violence.

    When seconds count, the police are only minutes away....

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