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Thread: Why Do You Carry Concealed?

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    I carry because I want to have the option to defend myself on the table if all other means of dealing with a bad situation fail. I ALWAYS carry concealed even when I don't have to because no one needs to know if I am armed or not.

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    because it's my right and with this current administration if we don't start using our rights we will lose them

  4. Years ago I was the victim of armed robbery/assault. My life and a loved ones was threatened. I am a husband and just recently became a father.

  5. because I can, and others may be doing so....

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    Because my Great, Great, Great, Grandfather, who signed the Bill of Rights, said I could.

  7. Regularly read the paper and watch the news. Why do you carry? Will quickly become a very silly question.

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    My two kids and my wife, no other reason.

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    A firearm being presented by the prepared individual is either check or checkmate.
    Granted the person has not put themselves in a foolish situation because of the firearm.

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    I initially began with home-protection, then concealed carry so that I can carry without scaring others when hiking/backpacking. But the reason has always been protection of my family and myself.

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    Because I have the responsibility as a free citizen to protect myself and my family from hard men who may wish to do us harm. Each of us are the first line of defense and it only seems natural that we use the best tools available to us to accomplish the goal of living a long and happy life in the arms of our loved ones and to die an old man in our beds.

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