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Thread: Why Do You Carry Concealed?

  1. Why do you carry concealed

    I carry concealed to protect myself and my family against home invasions and other felonies that could be committed against us. I would prefer open carry but it is not legal here.

  3. I carry concealed for a few reasons. I'll be honest about the first reason. It's because I can. The last thing I want to have to do is draw my gun and use it to stop a threat. I will if I have to, but that'll be an absolute last resort. Mostly, I like having a gun on my hip. There's something rugged and comfortable about it. I live in the soviet California so it's fun to carry concealed in places where most people would freak out if they knew I was carrying. It's an adventure for me. The whole process of obtaining a CCW permit, getting proper training, finding the right firearm, and holster, etc. It's been a challenge that I've enjoyed immensely.

    Self defense is a secondary reason that I hope I'll never have to use. I practice regularly, take training classes, etc. I'll have no problem pulling the trigger when I have to. I'm just going to do everything I can to avoid any such encounter.

    My biggest fear is being hit from behind, or quickly overwhelmed to the point where I'm overtaken and then my gun is taken from my holster or my hand. I do not want some scum bag taking my weapon to use on another human being. That is a big fear that I have, maybe even bigger than loosing my own life in a gunfight. I've kept this in mind in choosing a carry method. I'm figuring that IWB holster may be overlooked as a bad guy goes through my pockets if I'm knocked unconscious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BRTCP88 View Post
    Well, I plan on owning guns anyway, so I figure why not carry them just in case you need one for protection. Also, don't CWFLs allow you to skip the NICS check?
    They don't allow u to skip the NCIS check! It's done with or without permit! With a permit..u do not have to wait the 3 days and can walk out the store with it!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by tattedupboy View Post
    I do it for protection, plain and simple. Yes, I was shot in the back and robbed just over two years ago while carrying, but nevertheless, I believe my chances of surviving an encounter with a criminal are a lot better if I'm carrying than if I'm not.
    Did they get your gun?

  6. I carry in order that I may be able to protect myself and my family. Several years ago, I was informed by the FBI that my name had appeared on a Mansion Clan list. I was president of the California State Division of the Izaak Walton League at the time. Not knowing if it was a possible hit list or not, I was advised to have a firearm available. I don't want to have to use it, but I am prepared.

  7. Why I carry concealed:

    I have had access to weapons, most of my life... I didn't feel the need to carry
    other than, hunting or something outdoors.. BUT along went the days of just
    a verbal or light knuckles, to really scary people...
    As former Military, and LEO, I saw things that made me want to be able to defend
    in a lethal situation... I had family and didn't want to accidentally run into a
    situation that put them in Jeopardy, and be responsible for defending against
    multiple adversaries...unarmed.. I have carried for numerous years, and 12
    legally.. I go armed when I leave the house..
    There are some that think Open carry is good, and maybe so, but right now,
    concealed makes everyone wonder..Open allows all to know and plan for a coup.
    As long as I have the choice, I will carry concealed... It isn't to say that I have all
    the answers, but at least I am comfortable concealed... LEO's look quickly at open
    and is a little more dangerous, in that respect... But again only my opinion..

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    I do because I have carried some type of weapon since I was a 17 year old kid in the USMC. After discharge I spent 25 years as a LEO I am now retired and at the age of 65 I still will protect and serve anyone that needs help or protect myself and my family.

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    If you're asking why I carry concealed specifically , because my wife gets pissed when I OC. If you're asking why i carry period. It's because I know there's a world full of predators out there and I don't want to be prey
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    As the rest of the responders stated; I carry for self defense purposes. I carry concealed because I don't want the BG to know until I decide to show him/her (sic!)... Why I don't open carry around here is due to leo harassment of those that do, I don't need the hassle although open carry is legal in North Carolina, somebody forgot to tell a great many leo's here!
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  11. Actually, most of the States have allowed you to purchase a sidearm, without the 5 day wait or even the instant check,
    if you had in possession a valid, current CCW...some have recently made it a rule, of the ones that didn't used to..
    I can't name all the States that do or don't, but I am aware of many that do not require check or waiting period...
    I can go to any State the borders us, and buy a long gun, and walk out with it...but unless I'm permitted in those
    places, I still have to have a hand gun sent to a dealer... But not the check...

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