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Thread: Why Do You Carry Concealed?

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    To protect myself and my family.

    I have a bit of an advantage being a full time LEO, however I would still carry concealed if I was not a cop.

    Funny that you mention the incident in NOLA. My wife and I were on vacation down there a couple of years ago. I was nearly involved in shooting a guy who was trying to rob us on the street in broad daylight, we were in the French Quarter just walking along minding our own business, other people were all over the place as well but that didn't make any difference to these guys.

    Bad guy was better than 6'6" and like 375lbs, and he had a partner. Although I am a larger guy than most, I work out, and I am a police defensive tactics instructor, there was no way I was going hands on with a guy that size who had back-up.
    They backed down when the snub .38 started to come out, they were looking for money or a chance to beat somebody down, they weren't looking for a real fight.

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    In 2004, my brother heard screaming outside his house. He rushed out to find his single female neighbor being assaulted. He broke up the encounter, but the assailant went back to his car, came back with a pistol, and shot him in the face. Had my brother been carrying, the situation would have ended differently. He had several guns in his house, but didn't take the time to unlock his gun case prior to rushing to his neighbor's aid. A gun locked up, unloaded, or in any way rendered inoperable is useless when the situation calls for a gun. Why do I carry? Because when you really need a gun, you really need a gun. Now and loaded. Not locked up and unloaded.

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    Why do I carry?

    I have a CCW permit, but I don't own any guns (Take note Eric Holder). If I did, I'd probably carry a Taurus PT709 "Slim". I also might carry a 380 ACP when something smaller is in order. If I hunted I would probably opt for a .44 magnum sidearm while in the bear stand -- if I hunted.
    If Obama is the answer, how stupid was the question?

  5. I carry because I would rather have it and not need it, then need it and not have it.

  6. Why I Carry Concealed

    After the Arizona shooting, with Gabrielle Giffords, I decided I didn't ever want to be with my family when some lunatic, or terrorist opened fire and just have to stand there and watch people die - especially my family. I have a 10 year old daughter, and the thought of her being shot because I didn't do what it took to be able to defend her would be more than I could bear.
    People ask why I carry a gun at all times, and my answer is: "the same reason I buy house insurance, car insurance, life insurance, health insurance, etc. You don't know when you'll need it, but you need to have it at all times, just in case."

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    It's pretty rural out here, and the violent crime rate is low low low, BUT we occasionally have to visit the Urban Jungles of Las Vegas & Reno. I have had to, on more than one occasion, dissuade an idiot from becoming a statistic. The presence of a large revolver in the hand of your intended victim seems to be a a very convincing argument. I have had 3 social encounters involving the pistol and I have only had to speak once. So.... I guess I carry so I won't have to talk to criminals.

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    Why Do You Carry Cncealed

    This may be controversial but stay with me here.

    I carry concealed for the same reason I open carry. 2nd Amendment. That is the legal standpoint. For a personal standpoint (the controversial part) I heard a well known gun expert put it this way and I have to agree. Reason I carry at all is to kill people. Shock at first but it is true. I have a hammer at home to pound nails not wash windows with. Have a fire extinguisher to use on fires. Note I did not say murder. There is a difference.

    A gun is made to kill plain and simple. Some say protection. Bottom line in this is if confronted by a deadly threat we will kill that threat. No matter how you package it, it all comes down to the bottom line. The sum of all.
    "The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."

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    Obvious answer, for personal and family protection. I had an incident over 30 years ago. Driving to work on the afternoon, and stopped at a red light. There were several other cars there also, I was in the middle lane (there were 3), when a man crossed the street in the walkway. Wearing a longcoat, he then pulled out a long gun (didn't know if it was shotgun or rifle) and pointed it at the cars, me included. He was acting very strangely and laughing maniacally. He kept pointing the gun at the cars as he crossed, even stopping at one point and and aimed at one of the cars standing against their front bumper! I wasn't armed at the time, did not have my permit.
    I got my permit and have carried since, 30+ years.

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    My family and I will not be a willing victims.....ever.

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    Simply... because it's my right.

    Everything else I could say is just an excuse.

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