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Thread: Why Do You Carry Concealed?

  1. If I misquoted you, I apologize. Sorry about that.

    I believe, no facts to back it up, that there is no way to prove that concealed carry lowers crime. I don't believe criminals even consider that when they are planning or executing a crime. Again, all the proof I have of that belief is what I have seen on TV shows where criminals were interviewed. I guess if a study was done, interviewing criminals that are in jail, and the study was conducted over a wide enough variety of State Prisons to get a legit sample, that would probably prove it one way or another.

    I guess where you and I have a difference of beliefs(not saying that's bad either) is that I just think we need to stay on message in our gun rights fight as a Nation. The very fact that we start using all these statistics, and " case stories", says that we are still TRYING TO PROVE THAT OUR RIGHTS SHOULD EXIST., rather than the FACT that they are already enumerated in the 2nd Amendment to our U.S. Constitution. You and I see the battle from a different perspective, that's all.

    To folks that don't like guns, and don't want people carrying them, no amount of statistics will ever change their minds. They either will say they don't believe them, or completely ignore them. And I must admit, I have NO IDEA what their true fears are all about. I don't understand why they would be worried if they were the only ones, in a crowd of 100 people at a grocery store or sporting event, that wasn't carrying a gun. For the life of me, I just can't understand their logic.

    But what anybody can understand is this...It's the LAW! Whether or not they like it isn't a factor any in any argument. No statistics are needed. No case studies/stories are needed. It's the LAW!
    This whole gun rights argument got off track a LONG TIME AGO. People surrendered their rights once, and then the GOVT keep taking bigger bites out of our freedoms. This didn't happen overnight, and it continues today. It is OUR responsibility to get the fight back on subject....AND STAY THERE.

    The HOT AIR National Rifle Association hasn't helped either. In fact, THEY BLEW IT!! They had the perfect time, the perfect case, and the perfect place, and the perfect Court, to get all theses rights enumerated and explained in the McDonald case. The spineless organization only asked the Court to consider that it was good enough to just be able to ow a gun and have it in your HOUSE, for protection. Well, hell's bells, what was Mr. McDonald going to do when he left his house to go to the drug store to protect himself against those same criminals that were bothering him at his house?
    Shoot, a 3rd year law student could have argued that case better than Alan what'shisname with the NRA. The NRA has become such a big organization that they want to stay in existence. If they had won that case arguing it correctly, we would have no need for them. THEY BLEW IT!

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    Why Do You Carry Concealed?
    Posterity: you will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it.--- John Quincy Adams
    Condensed Guide To Ohio Concealed Carry Laws

  4. Guns are like condoms its better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it.

  5. I carry for the most basic of reasons, to protect myself and the ones I love.

  6. I carry because it is my 2nd amendment right...and for protection...

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    Simply enough: I carry for the safety of me, and family member in the event its needed to use a firearm.

  8. When jesus sent the guys out to the cities he told them to take a sword. Not the spiritual sword but rather a real sword, as that was their method of defense. I say a sword is not practical but a concealed weapon is today. I am not a radical but carry always. I believe God has given us items to protect ourselves and our families with. One is prayer. Another is our mind. Another may be our guns. We are never supposed to lay down but fight for righteousness. What God has given let NO man take away.

  9. I carry because it's my right and responsibility to protect myself and my family. I carry concealed because I don't think that everyone needs to see what I am carrying.

  10. I carry a weapon because of the type of work i do,armed security/bar management and to protect myself family and coworkers..and also to exercise my right to carry a firearm....rather have it and dont need it than need it and dont have it..

  11. I conceal carry for self protection. The recent problems for George Zimmerman, put concealed carry into focus. This poor guy could be anyone of us, but it won't stop me from carrying.

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