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Thread: Why Do You Carry Concealed?

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    because i can't carry a cop

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    For protection of my family

  4. I understand very well how the Supreme Court works. The NRA BLEW IT! The difference in Heller and McDonald is this: Heller was in a Federal Enclave...Washington, D.C. McDonald wasn't, and that case represented the rest of us that don't live in Washington, D.C.

    No as to What the Court was ruling on...that is set forth in the brief, and the NRA didn't include it....specifically. But unspecifically, they actually did. AS a matter of fact, the Justice writing the Opinion actually mentioned the "right to KEEP and BEAR" arms several times, even though the "carry outside the home" specific wasn't put in the brief(which s my beef with them).

    AS far as I'm concerned, from reading the Opinion, the Justice DID give us the right. However, it is basically a mute point now. 49 of the 50 States allow concealed carry anyway. Really, the only thing missing from the "concealed carry" or "carry" laws now, as I see it, is making the States "must issue", rather than "shall issue". Of course, the "OPEN CARRY" crowd wants that option in there too. And they have the right to have it. But, really, all this time spent on making laws to cover this angle, or that angle, is wasted time that needs to be spent on REAL issues that need to be fixed in our Country. We just need a Supreme Court decision that backs up the 2nd Amendment. All these laws are just are just reinforcing that the GOVT, be it Federal or State, has the RIGHT to "give" or "take" permission to Bear arms. I am TOTALLY against that premise. The Sates, nor Feds, have that right. Its not in their power to have that right..the right of gift or withholding. That right was SPECIFICALLY given to the INDIVIDUAL CITIZEN, and FORBIDDEN from the GOVT. How in the heck did we ever get to this stage in the first place? By not raising hell about the first gun law passed in this nation...the Sullivan Act.

    And there is the Senate Bill for National Reciprocity that as been introduced. I hope it is pretty much like the House version that passed. The very fact that the bill was allowed to be introduced by Harry Reid says a lot about its chances of getting passed. Besides, the House version passed by a 2:1 margin. Contrary to what you hear on TV and read in some newspapers, this is NOT a Partisan issue. Many Democrats are just as heavily behind this "right to keep and bear arms" as Republicans. In fact, Harry Reid himself got funding for a very nice shooting range in Nevada.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GOV5 View Post
    "Nowhere in the second amendment does it say that every citizen should have the right to carry concealed."
    ~~ clipped ~~ B N M

    I want to address that specific statement.

    The Constitution doesn't DENY you the ability to conceal carry either. It says, in part, that you have the right to KEEP AND BEAR ARMS. "Bear arms" means you can carry them. IT doesn't say you can carry them in you shirt, or pants, or coat, or boot, or sock, or sleeve, or anywhere else, for that matter. That phrase also DOESN'T say you are NOT permitted to carry concealed either. It just doesn't address "concealed carry" at all. You see, the Founders didn't care HOW you carried your gun, or where, or IF you carried at all. That was YOUR CHOICE!

    "Concealed Carry", you see, is a made-up term. The Founders had never even knew about that term. It was "invented", I believe, in New York City, by the few honest politicians that were there. They knew they couldn't clean up the entire city and State Govt from corruption, influenced heavily by organized crime, so they passed a law to do it. It was called, I believe, The Sullivan Act, which barred Concealed Carry, which was the preferred method used by gangsters. Because crime was so rampant at that time, the citizens didn't object loudly enough to some of their Constitutional Rights being taken away by the "GOVT", and that's when and how, our gun rights fight began. Since we allowed the GOVT, ONE TIME, to take away our rights, we have been fighting this battle ever since. ~~ clipped ~~
    I would agree that Concealed Carry is more than likely a term made up since our Founding Fathers drafted our Constitution.

    However, the tone of your post gives the impression that our Founding Fathers would not have known that people would carry concealed. That I do believe is a highly mistaken perception. It is probably more a case of they did not think about concealed carry vs open carry as to them it was simply your right to carry.

    I know that is wasn't considered wrong in that era to have a sidearm and then to wear a coat or jacket over it. So that tells me that our Founding Fathers would have been outraged at the laws that many of our several sovereign states have passed that do infringe on our ability to keep and bear arms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GOV5 View Post
    I believe, no facts to back it up, that there is no way to prove that concealed carry lowers crime.
    Well, except that statistics SHOW a drastic reduction in homicide rates in those states with Concealed Carry.

    When I was taking my concealed carry class, both of our instructors were active police weapons trainers, and one of them was a former Marine weapons trainer. Our class lasted 13 hours, much longer than the typical concealed carry class, because the trainers insisted on an extended "deadly force" (gun law) portion of the class, as well as a more intense level of gun range training.

    What our instructors stressed, over and over, was that the police are NOT here to "protect" the public, because that's a physical impossibility. At best, the modern police force can be considered an agency of "first response" meaning, the police only RESPOND to reports of crime, they SELDOM actually prevent crime.

    Our instructors emphasized that CIVILIANS who are armed and observant actually PREVENT FAR MORE CRIME than do police forces. Additionally, they emphasized that those who are trained in basic deadly force laws and basic firearms use are MORE LIKELY to think twice and are LESS LIKELY to use deadly force when the Moment of Truth arrives.

    Now, these are professional LEOs saying that. These are experts on firearms and violent crime and gun laws. These are cops who agree and who teach that observant and armed Civilians do DETER CRIME better than a police force that arrives 15 to 45 minutes AFTER the FACT.
    A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State,
    the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

    TOXIC REIGN: Reclaim Our Future

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    Why Do You Carry Concealed?

    I grew up around firearms and have been in one form of or another through my working life have had to carry a firearm as part of my job. I have also have been traveling more (road trips) in the last 4 years since meeting my girlfriend and we have come across some situations while on the road that I would have felt more comfortable knowing I had self defense options.

    So in general I feel comfortable and have working knowledge of firearms there for why not use that for protection of my family and myself.

  8. CCW for personal protection as things have gotten dangerous out there.

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    I carry for all the reasons stated in this thread, mainly to protect myself and my family and because the Constitution says its my right. I have been carrying over 30 years (many of them before licenses were implemented) and have drawn once and never had to fire. I hope that record continues, but I know I will wnever have the regret of having needed it and not had it.

  10. I worked in an area we call the hood in Columbus , Ohio for 4 years . If you didn't carry down there your life was at risk .

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    I carry for the same reason why I wear a seatbelt. I never know when an idiot is going to do something to hurt me or my family. I wear both, but hope to never need either of them. I prefer concealed carry and I would never suggest anyone NOT open carry, but I wouldn't do it. I just feel like I would get hassled by the police and the public. And I can't be stopped. I'm a business owner and I am too busy to have the Libs mess with my flow. Also, I feel if a bad guy notices my open carried firearm, he might target me first to neutralize me before I could realize that a threat is upon me/us. I don't know... just carry, practice, drill and reverse. The public may not know it, but you're doing them a favor.

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