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Thread: Why Do You Carry Concealed?

  1. Glock rules!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a Glock 32 and an extra .40 S&W barrel 9turns it into a model 23). Don't leave home without it.

  3. I have had a CCW since 1996 from Idaho. Carried for 7 years and then stopped for no reason. Then had some crazy pull a knife and stab a woman outside of our Dollar Tree. I thought wha tif it had been my wife, all I could have done is stand there with my thumb up you know where. I started carrying again after that. Since then we have had someone threaten an Arabic woman and her child at a Walmart of all places (he did have a CCW, he was disturbed, and he was arrested). And of course that incident in Utah where a CCW prevented a knife welding crazy just tells me to keep carrying. Thank the Lord this is not Canada or the UK where self defense is virtually illegal. I didn't spend 20 years in the Army so that I couldn't exercise my 2nd Amendment right. God bless the USA.

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    I carry to protect myself and my family and property. I will not become a victim an neither will my loved ones

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    If needed, to protect my grandaughter

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    I am a Volunteer Firefighter. We are called out all hours of the day or night to some places that are not too good with people that are not in the best frame of mind. That is why our Fire Chief scheduled concealed carry classes at our fire department. We have now had 5 different classes. We did not restrict the classes to firefighters. there were 53 people in my class which ranged from a 21 year old girl to people in their 70s. I feel much safer with my little friend in my pocket now than I did before.

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    I carry now as with my back ( 2 fusions and 2 laminectomies ) one hard shove and there is nothing I could do about it. So this will help protect my family and me. I hope I never have to! But I do carry a spare tire just in case also.
    God bless the USA

  8. Something I wrote a few months ago while waiting for my LCF to clear:

    The following is a list of things that I believe and things that I've observed in regards to guns in the 34 years I've been alive.

    I believe the only good gun control is what is used to acquire and hit your target. Anyone who believes any differently is either ignorant to what is really happening in society, or they have their own agenda.

    I believe that if our founding fathers were still running this country today there would be a lot less crime because of their belief in their right to bear arms, and criminals would be hanged in the street, not put in a prison for tax payers to feed and clothe.

    I believe that in a moment of life or death I can rely on my Glock to be there. Not the police.

    I Believe that crime dropping in states that have passed Concealed Carry laws allowing people to protect themselves is NOT coincidence, while that states that still deny residents their rights continues to see an increase in violent crime.

    I carry a gun NOT because I believe I am invincible with it, but because I've seen the face of evil in society and I believe that there is a very real possibility of having to face it myself one day.

    I believe that carrying a gun is part of the Ol' Boy scout Motto: "Be Prepared"
    Just as you would for a fire or medical emergency, I carry a gun to be ready if need be, not because I'm looking for trouble.

    I believe in the sanctity of life, mine, my wife's, and my children's. I will do whatever it takes to protect them and myself from anyone who will try to harm us.


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    Hey guys, I'l try a honest shot at this answer, and really no offence whatsoever intended, I carry concealed mostly because it creates less attention, also because I can, and lastly, if I pack 3 or 4 guns don't have to take the big range bag when we go shooting,

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    I carry for personal protection, and to protect my right to do so. If rights aren't used, they're in danger of being lost.

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    I never heard it put that way, but you are so right. I CCW every day 24/7 because I am one of those kind of guys.

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