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Thread: Why Do You Carry Concealed?

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    Why I carry?

    I was jumped at the age of 19, in front of my house, by two guys that were much larger than me.
    They beat the living crap out of me. Left me for dead, I think.
    I didn't know them, until court the next week. The cops, found them.
    I swore, never let that happen again.
    It has not.
    May be, it's because I look and act, not as a sheep but as someone not to mess with.
    May be not.
    I hope, it never happens again. If it does, I will face a jury.
    I'm not one of those big burly guys. I'm a 70 yo with a bad heart and many internal repairs. Mess with me and I may die, in your face. I'm not going to give you a chance to do that. Nuff said!

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    We ALL shall see the Lord one day .... please don't make me set up the meeting.

  4. I had always wanted to apply for a permit for personal protection but I wasn't allowed to bring guns to work. Sometime after I retired my interest in handguns returned and so did my interest in carrying. I inquired about the requirements to obtain a permit and after some thought I decided go through the licensing process. After I obtained my permit it made no sense not to carry. And immediately I started carrying. There are very few occasions that I don't carry and I feel naked when I don't carry.

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    I carry because I like to be prepared for bad situations. Concealed because I don't want to advertise it and have a discussion with people everywhere I go.

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    My main reason is my family, the 2nd reason is the state of our economy. We are in bad economic times and it's only going to get worse, and criminals are only going to get more desperate. Some may think I'm paranoid, but I even carry to the mailbox.
    I am also a NRA & USACCA member and get magazines which I'm sure ya'll do to, so when I read the true stories section, it just solidifies my right to carry.
    "Democracy... is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.
    Liberty ... is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote."-- Benjamin Franklin

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    This is a repost of mine that I have posted on a couple of other boards.

    ************************************************** **************

    On Friday September 18 2009, something happened that changed my life forever.

    It was payday, so I decided to run to the ATM and get some cash out. I work from home, so normally, I don't go out during the day unless I need something. I live about 2 minutes from the shopping center where the ATM is located, so I was expecting it to be a short trip.

    I was on a conference call for my job that started at 10 AM, so I was very conscious of the time.

    10:33 AM - I switched over to my cell phone, so I could stay on the call while I went to the ATM. It took me a few minutes even after I switched over to leave the house, so I'm guessing it was around 10:37 when I leave home. I talked to my neighbor for a minute who is outside taking a smoke, and then left to go to the ATM. I drove my wife's van so I could put gas in it while I was out.

    I get to the ATM, and made my withdrawal with no problem. I left the ATM, and decided to drive to a gas station that was a little further away than the closest one because it has much cheaper gas, and that's when everything started to happen.

    10:48 AM - My wife calls me on my cell phone. She tells me that someone is ringing the doorbell and knocking on the door. She's now home alone with our 9 month old daughter. My other 3 kids are at school. She calls me because she doesn't recognize the car, and asks me if I am expecting anyone. I tell her no. She's upstairs in our bedroom, and is able to look out the window and see the car, but can't see the person ringing the doorbell. She describes the car, and tells me the car has backed into the driveway. She then tells me she thinks they are leaving and she walks out of the bedroom and into the loft, and then I hear a "crash" through the phone and my wife yelling "GET OUT, GET OUT!"

    10:49 AM - I hang up, dial 911, and turn around immediately. Then I hear a message that says to please hold. I'm thinking "hold?, this can't be happening." The operator comes on the line after what seems like 20 seconds (I'm guessing it was half that), and I give her my address and tell her what I just heard. I'm trying to stay calm and speak clearly, but it's not easy. The van is now pushing 110, and the governor keeps kicking in and throttling the engine back down. so I try to hold it at 100 until I get to the turn just before my neighborhood(I stay just off a main highway, and there was no traffic, so I made very good time getting home.)

    2 minutes later, I'm home, and I pull up just as the 1st police car does. I identify myself to the officer as the homeowner, and he tells me to stay back as he starts to walk around the back of the house. My wife sees me pull up, and opens the door. She's on the phone with 911, and I am still on the phone w/ the operator I called. We both tell the operators that the police are there, and that we are ok, and hangup.

    According to the police, they think it was just someone trying to rob us, and they thought no one was home. I stay in a nice middle class neighborhood, and I realize that criminals will go where they think people have something of value. Unfortunately, this time it was my home.

    10:55 AM - My next door neighbor calls to make sure everything is ok because he sees the police cars outside. I've been home for a few minutes by now

    (The times were based on the call log on my cell phone, so I am pretty sure they are accurate)

    Here are the reasons why I bought a gun.
    1) Everything you just read
    2) If it had not been my house, it would (and has been) one of my neighbors. This is not the 1st time a house in our neighborhood has been broken into in broad daylight. I was looking at the times on my cell phone, and I realized just how fast everything happened, and it seems that this person was probably watching the street for someone to leave.
    3) The next time, the person may not stop just because someone is yelling at them.
    4) I can't always be at home and I want my wife to have the ability to fend for herself if necessary.
    5) Even if I had been at home, I would not have had more than a baseball bat, and these days that's not enough.

    My comments on the whole issue
    1) I'm pissed off that someone would even try to come in my home whether I'm there or not. The fact that a person was able to kick the front door in so easily has made me reassess the security of my home. We've come to realize that there are certain things that we can not do anything about, but we have made changes to how we secure our home.
    2) The police say the person was not looking for a confrontation. While I understand that is the case, there are too many cases of home invasions where the intruder doesn't stop when someone yells at them. It seems that in the Charlotte area, this is becoming more and more of a daily occurrence. There is at least one, and sometimes more, news story of an attempted home invasion in and around Charlotte.
    3) I've never had a problem with guns, and it was not something I was planning to do. I have since attended a safety class, and I had a chance to shoot some. I did enjoy it, and I will probably be going to the range quite a bit. The plan is for me and my wife to attend some additional classes.
    4) Could I shoot someone - if it was between them or my family - YES!
    5) My car was packed in the garage and my wife's car was parked outside, so I guess it looked as if no one was at home. I have mixed feelings about this, and how I will operate going forward. Now my wife asks that I leave a car in the driveway whenever I leave without her. Yes, she is still upset from the incident, and I am sure it will take some time for her to become comfortable again in her own home, so until she says otherwise that is what I will do. When she leaves, she wants me to make sure my car is in the driveway. Now for me, I don't care if it looks like I'm home or not. The next person that comes through the front door ( or the back) uninvited will have one chance to do the right thing, or they get to say hello to my little friend.
    6) I found out the reason the police arrived so quickly is because they were at a traffic stop at the same shopping center where I went to the ATM. I was very surprised to see them there so fast.

    ************************************************** **************

    A month after all of this happened, I took a firearms class and proceeded to get my concealed carry permit.

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    My family was asleep at home when we were victims of a random drive-by shooting. All my guns were unloaded and locked in the safe. When bullets are flying the gun safe is not your friend. Luckily for us no one tried to enter our home. Random violence necessitates having a gun at the ready at all times.

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    You know how when you are speeding down the highway with a pack of other cars and you come up to a police car. The whole pack slows down and creates a traffic jam. After you get past the police car everybody speeds up and youíre on the way again. Criminals will also wait until the cop is out of sight to rape, pillage and burn. Thatís why there is never a cop around when you need one.

    Todayís economy has created a lot of desperate people. Crime is on the rise and police forces all around the country are cutting back.

    Do you feel safe in your house? The criminals think so. That is why home invasions are on the rise everywhere especially at homes with alarms. The criminal knows if you have an alarm you have something he wants. He also knows the alarm is not set when youíre home so that is the best time for him to make his move.

    When I put my pants on in the morning, I strap my gun on. When Iím in the shower itís on the bathroom counter. When Iím sleeping it is less than an armís reach away.

    I carry a spare tire on my truck itís loaded with air. I hope I never need it.

    I have a fire extinguisher in my kitchen. Itís loaded with CO2. I hope I never need it.

    I carry a gun on my hip. Itís loaded with 9mm. I hope I never need it.

    Why would you prepare for some disasters and not others?

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    ive had some experiences i wont detail, but i refuse to be a statistic

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    To get a CC permit here on Guam is extremely hard to do,you basically must have a genuine fear for your life.And it`s totally up to the police chief of Guam if could have one.I have a FID able to carry in a non concealed status,so i open carry.Applied for one a month ago,takes 60 days to process hope they approve it.

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