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Thread: Why Do You Carry Concealed?

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    Welcome sshowe22.

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    For 25 years I had to carry a gun while at work. I carried it a lot durring my time while off as well. Now that I am retired and have been for 15 years or so from my gun carring job I have taken it up again. I see more and more crime in our city being carried out by people not known to the victim. My wife now carries as well. Being older now opens us up to more possible crime. We are now going to the range more often and I feel the need to carry more now than when I worked in the field.

  4. To help keep the courts free of unnecessary case load. Seriously, I suppose for the same reason every LEO does, protection of themselves.

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    To protect my family, myself and innocent persons, if the need presented itself . It's my right and obligation as I see it.
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  6. I'm new to this site and carrying and I love them both!!! I carry mostly for the protection of my family and myself, but also because I have a right too.

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    Here's an article/question I posted.

    So let's here, why do you carry concealed?
    For protection of myself and my family. I hope i never have to use it but if the situation comes i want to be able to protect my family.

  8. I carry to protect myself and my family. I hope the need to use it never happens but if it does I will have it to protect us.

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    i have discovered over the years that I really really suck at being a victim, so I try to stack the deck in my favor.

  10. I carry also to protect my family, my self and any other person in need to defense. I always tell my wife as I put my gun on...as soon as I don't carry it, that will be the day I need it. I agree with the man that said, if the situation arises that someone get hurt or killed, it's gonna be the other guy. The world gets a little worse every day and you never know when a situation could arise, daylight or dark. If you carry, carry as often as you can. I carry my S&W 9mm, 2 16 round mags, and a small maglight. I would hope that I'm prepared for any situation that could arise....be prepared, keep your eyes open, never NEVER let your guard down.

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    I carry to protect myself and my family. I work at night. I am 5'4" and weigh 105 pounds and when I didn't carry I wasn't able to portray the confidence I felt was necessary to not be a victim. I certainly do not strut now, but I no longer act like a scared bunny trying to decide on which way to run at every thump and shadow and I believe that makes me less vulnerable. I also know that if push came to shove, I will be the one walking away not the person(s) with bad intentions.

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