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Thread: Why Do You Carry Concealed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lukem View Post
    Here's an article/question I posted.

    So let's here, why do you carry concealed?
    Seriously, because I can't carry OPEN.

    I don't have any Epiphany story to tell. I just felt one day that I needed to get armed. The economy had gotten to such a lousy state, and crime was getting worse. Gang membership is on the rise, so there is an increased risk of a threat. It's just not as safe on the streets as it used to be.

    Only 50% of the population pays taxes. That means that, on the average, every group of people that you see at a mall, or grocery store, or WalMart, Sears, etc., half are either unemployed and not paying taxes, or are just tax dodgers(crooks). And they HATE you because YOU ARE paying taxes. And SOME of them hate you enough to think that YOU have it UNFAIRLY and it is OK to TAKE IT from YOU. I know, twisted reason, but it is exactly how some of those thugs think. I want to protect myself from that kind of person.

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    I don't subscribe to the premise that there are only two types of interaction. There is a third..threat of economic impact. If you want me to do something, you can convince me verbally with great oratory, you can force me to do by threat of economic impact(fire me), or you can use force(physical or armed).

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    I am not a sheeple. I WILL defend myself and my family from bodily harm to any extent open to me. I do not carry "open". I see "open carry" as an "open invitation" -- to shoot me first (without an opportunity to defend myself). I do not look for trouble and I avoid places where trouble is more likely to occur. I would never carelessly endanger myself or my family. But, I do intend to be ready if "trouble" finds me/us.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SonoraRebel View Post
    Why?: Self defense. Concealed?: Normally 'cause it might be raining (rare) or it's cold and I need a long jacket. I use a shoulder holster for that. I carry concealed in Texas 'cause OC is denied. Otherwise... I OC everywhere else at all other times, including at home.

    Just curious...why do you OC everywhere?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HOTCHKIS View Post
    They don't allow u to skip the NCIS check! It's done with or without permit! With a permit..u do not have to wait the 3 days and can walk out the store with it!
    In Texas a CHL holder does not have to go through a NCIS check.

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    I have carried since returning from RVN in 1970. I have always been CCW permitted. But...I don't talk about it, brandish it, nor have I had to "use" it.
    Professionally on duty as a career LEO I have... talked, brandished, and had to use "it".
    Few know but I wouldn't leave home without it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ice View Post
    Just curious...why do you OC everywhere?
    Why not? It makes sense. This is the desert... it's HOT most of the time. We don't dress like it's Miami. OC is the traditional mode of bearing arms... If you need it... there's no problem getting to it. Y'know... bringing the weapon to bear in the least amount of time. Besides... I don't carry a mouse gun other than around the house. That being a .38. My carry piece is a 1911A1. I think (and have always thought) that concealed carry is in a large part due to self conciousness on the part of the bearer.

    But... this is Arizona... 'n we've been carryin' that way since before there was an Arizona. The Earps tried gun grabbin'... but that didn't work out for 'em. Nobody's hassled by the Law here... ever. The right is universally recognized thruout the state. Besides... OC is an obvious deterrent. Maybe it's my body type and manner... but I 'look' like I should carry a gun.

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    ............Why do I carry concealed???...........Simple,,,because I can....and the 2nd Amendment says I can....

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    I plan on driving someday West to East Coast, down to the Florida Keys....so I'll be carrying for my family and my protection. There are truly honest and nice folks out there for the most part...but there are also the truly evil ones that scare me. I can't carry in my State (CA), outside of my own home...but I can in 32 others with Nevada and Florida non-resdent permits. Practice, practice, practice!

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    Why do I chose to carry a gun...

    There are many 'tools' out there for personal protection so why carry a gun..why not.
    The same reasoning behind my decision to add a "funny car style cage" to my race car...it certifies the car down to a 7.50 in the 1/4 mile even though the car currently runs in the 10 second range...It's safer. I say have all the tools necessary to do the job and learn how to use them proficiently.
    I hope I never need to test out my rollcage in the car and I hope I never have to test out my gun in a life threatening situation either..but it's better to have and not need than visa-versa.

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