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Thread: Why Do You Carry Concealed?

  1. I carry because its my right and my duty to protect my loved ones and the unfortunate soul who chooses to not (or cannot) protect themselves.

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    What I find interesting is the standard answer to this question is so I can protect my family, loved ones, maybe coworkers, etc, etc, a question would be how many would still carry to protect there family, if they did not have a CCW ? I realize I'm asking you to admit to possably breaking the law, in some states, but I was just woundering who might put your familys safety above all else, includeing protecting them with a firearm if nessessary, and would you risk breaking the law, or whip out your cell phone if some BGs come after your wife or daughter with a gun or knife?
    Bad Guys of the world beware the next time you think about jumping on a old guy, because its a fair bet he's to old to fight and probably to fat to run, but can put one in your eye at 50ft with his weak hand

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    Well to answere your question, after I retired from the Police Department I still carried a 9 M.M. with hollow point ammunition and at that time it was illegal for both in the state of New Jersey. We were not allowed to carry at all back then even tho we had for at least 20 years prior to retirement. I faced at least 3 years in jail for carrying back then and did not care. MY FAMILY COMES FIRST.

  5. I carry because I want to be prepared to protect my family. Had a situation that could have gone bad, I was at their mercy. Fortunately I was able to get self and family out without any incident. Since then have been better aware and protected.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by The_Outlaw View Post
    You mean this dude?

    Like I said earlier...
    The only true safety that is needed with a good quality firearm like a Glock is the one 'between the ears'.
    Clearly this 'DEA Reject' didn't truly qualify for the job in the first place.
    "You see...accidents happen. Don't play with guns." Thats great.

  7. I carry concealed because I believe it's my responsibility to protect my family.

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    My first line of defense is me. I carry a firearm in order to be able,hopefully,to stop an attack on myself,a member of my family or a member of the public that needs assistance. Thankfully..I have not had to do so.

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    I carry for many reasons. Safety, protection, and because the state of Michigan says that I can.

  10. Because of all of the crazy things crazy people do.
    Because of all the people who died or we're injured because no one was carrying.
    Because I love my family.

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    Because I can, also in case the I ever am in a situation that I may need it.

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