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Thread: Why Do You Carry Concealed?

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    simple answer...turn on the news every night

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    The Constitution is the supreme law of the land. You didn't break the law... New Jersey did... and does. No free man should be placed in fear of unjust laws. ".... Shall Not Be Infinged!" 'Got that New Jersey... Maryland... New York, Illinois, Hawaii?
    and PRK (People's Rebublik of Kalifornia)

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    It is a simple proposition. I can license and carry a gun, use it to defend myself, and be in much less danger of being prosecuted for excessive use of force than if I simply break their neck(s) or render them unconscious using only my hands/arms/legs/body. The reasoning seems to be that if you are capable of doing these things using only your hands/arms/legs/body you have no need to defend yourself.
    Go figure.

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    Cause I live in El Paso, TX. Nuf said!

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    You got that right I am eaiting for H.R 822 to pass they have 227 co sponcers so far

  7. I carry because I work in a prison and can become a target just by telling an inmate no. In addition I do it because this world is dangerous and I am allergic to dying.

  8. Mostly because I'm too poor to hire a contingent of armed bodyguards to protect me 24/7 like the leading gun grabbers have.

  9. I carry because I care. I care about my family. I care about my neighbors. I care about my freedoms.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by matelpt View Post
    Cause I live in El Paso, TX. Nuf said!
    I've been there and don't blame you one bit. That place is gangster haha!

  11. I don't currently carry a concealed weapon but keep a rifle in my home. I've taken numerous tactical weapons/home defense classes. I think concealment keeps people guessing and makes them think before doing anything stupid. The only people that hafta worry are those that are looking to rob, assault other people etc. I love conceal & carry states myself!

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