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Thread: Why Do You Carry Concealed?

  1. As I watch little babies being shot in the face there is no way I will take my family downtown without being able to protect them from a psycho.

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    You are trying to start an argument. What was meant was to find a comfortable holster and carry all the time. Lighten up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerkos View Post
    When I got my carry permit I decided to carry all the time because I wanted to get used to it. Then I found my self being naked when I didn't carry. As long as it isn't uncomfortable or bothersome I always carry. You can't predict when you'll need it. It's hard to mentally think of the time you need it and you didn't carry it. The best(worst) case I can use is the woman that went to MacDonald's with her parents and had to leave her gun in the car. She lost her parents to a mad man and she couldn't do anything about it. I'll think of that the rest of my life.
    Curious, did you mean Suzanna Hupp and the Luby's diner massacre?

    Quote Originally Posted by mspaugy View Post
    " As long as it isn't uncomfortable or bothersome I always carry." That is exactly the same as going into the Mcdonalds with your weapon in the car!! I will say it one more time. I am sure of this, just as sure as you are and that is that the bad people out there won't bother you if they know that today of all days you didn't carry because it was uncomfortable' Hang a sign on your body that says "Please don't try and rob, rape or kill me or my family today because it was too uncomfortable to carry my weapon". I carry everywhere it is legal to do so and I hope that I am never in a position where I say "If only I had been carrying today, maybe my wife wouldn't be dead" I am not trying to start an argument or anything but if you only carry some of the time then pray you only get robbed some of the time.....
    Being uncomfortable is probably the number 1 reason most people decide to not carry...just saying

    I don't carry all the time anymore...but I pray I'll never get robbed even when I do carry...and statistically I won't.

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  5. No I really wasnt trying to start an argument and if it was taken in that way I am sorry. I am just trying to make a point and that being that you must carry all the time if you want to be prepared to save your life, that's all.

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    Either you carry or you don't. You don't want to be 'Barney Pfyphe' embarrassed by fumbling for your firearm or a bullet, thinking you have it when you don't. I've been questioned as to why I carry at church. Because I travel to and from church and because there have been at least three church shootings in our locale in the last few years. The more you carry, the more you will find a position that is best for your comfort and ability to draw. I prefer appendix with slightly rearward cant. Cross draw would be an option if I carried a backup. Commit. The day you don't carry is the day you could be dead.

  7. I carry because there are too many nut jobs out there and I'd rather be prepared than mince meat.

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    It was the MacDonald's incident. I'm not sure about the Luby's massacre. This happen some years ago. The daughter appeared in front of Congress.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lukem View Post
    Here's an article/question I posted.

    So let's here, why do you carry concealed?
    I work by myself installing heat/smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, fire blankets, etc., in homes at different hours. I'm a mother of 3 and am out late at night doing installations. This is my reason for protection and my conceal carry. I want to be reassured that if I need it, it's there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerkos View Post
    It was the MacDonald's incident. I'm not sure about the Luby's massacre. This happen some years ago. The daughter appeared in front of Congress.
    I maybe wrong but that was Luby's in Killeen, TX. She testified before Congress. Pretty sure. Not to say that a similar thing happened at MacDonald's.
    On October 16, 1991, 35-year-old George "Jo Jo" Pierre Hennard, an unemployed merchant mariner or able seaman who was described by others as angry and withdrawn, with a dislike of women, drove his blue 1987 Ford Ranger pickup truck through the front window of a Luby's cafeteria at 1705 East Central Texas Expressway in Killeen. Yelling "This is what Bell County did to me!", Hennard then opened fire on its patrons and staff with a Glock 17 pistol and, later, a Ruger P89. He stalked, shot, and killed 23 people, ten of them with a single shot to the head,[2] and wounded another 20 before committing suicide. Approximately 140 people were in the restaurant at the time. Hennard was driven by an intense hostility toward women. People who survived the massacre said Hennard passed over men to shoot women. Fourteen of the 22 people killed, were women, as were many of the 23 people wounded. He had sent a letter to neighbors that contained bizarre, hateful references to women. He stalked the restaurant and chose those who would die—most of whom were women. "All women of Killeen and Belton are vipers! he said.[3] [4]
    The first victim was local veterinarian Michael Griffith, 48, who ran to the driver's side of the pickup truck to offer assistance to the driver after the truck crashed through the window. Hennard also approached 32-year-old Suzanna Hupp and her parents. Hupp reached for her .38 revolver in her purse, only to realize she had left it in her vehicle. Her father Al, 71, rushed at Hennard in an attempt to subdue him but was fatally shot in the chest. A short time later, as Hupp was escaping, her mother Ursula, 67, was shot in the head and killed as she cradled her wounded husband.
    During the massacre, Hennard allowed a woman and her four-year-old child to leave. Another patron, Tommy Vaughn, threw himself through a plate-glass window, sustaining injuries, but by doing so he created an escape route for himself and other customers.
    Hennard reloaded several times and still had ammunition remaining when he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head after exchanging shots with, and being wounded by, a responding police office
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    'Cause they wont allow open carry in Texas...
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