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Thread: Why Do You Carry Concealed?

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    That's why people like Colorado House Majority Leader Dickey Lee Hullinghorst are being recalled. Total lack of grasp of reality. 2.5 million times a year guns save lives, not take them. Good God get a grip!
    ~Responsible people who understand that their personal protection is up to them, provide themselves with protection. Those that don't have only themselves to blame.~Proud NRA ~SAF~GoA Member~

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    Why Do You Carry Concealed?

    I'm pretty sure I just read a thousand different ways to say ( protection for family and self) and loved all of them!!!!'

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    I carry for PERSONAL Protection of MYSELF and WIFE. Things have gone downhill here in Florida over the past years. I feel safe and secure while carrying.

  5. I have carried a ccw for about 20 years, simply for protection of self and family. I recently become a sworn officer and work with kids in the juvenile system, and I see these kids everyday and when they become adults sometimes they have had a big positive change, which is great to see. But some have not changed their ways and could pose a threat, I just never know. Better safety for me and my family than sorry I left it at home.

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    I carry concealed because...
    I had a scary encounter with a drug dealer approaching us while waiting/walking at a stoplight corner in a "safe" place, that also involved my teenage daughter in a very creepy way. I wasn't armed and felt helpless. Someone noticed and came out of their business to help us out, for which I will be forever thankful.
    I had a parent get very angry at me when I returned a missed phone call off my caller i.d. I think it must have been his "drug" phone. He later got arrested for dealing meth and almost shot by the police when he hunkered down in his house with a rifle. I immediately knew why he was so angry I had that telephone number.
    I watch the first 2 minutes of the news each night to see how many people got shot the day before. Gang wars, and crazies shooting people just for kicks. Pure evil.
    Because it is impossible for the police to be there, so I must be responsible for my own safety.
    Because there is no such thing as a safe place, life experience has taught me that.

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    I got started with Concealed Carry due to an awful situation involving my youngest daughter and an ex-father-in-law... Long story short, we filed a police report and, with the in-law being ex-LEO (and mentally unstable), I felt I needed to take more direct responsibility for my family's protection.

    That was my personal tipping point... glad I took the plunge!
    d( -.- )b

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    Back in 2008 I was shot in an attempted robbery/carjacking outside of the Market Fair Mall in Fayetteville, NC and it opened up my eyes to just how dangerous the world is and how necessary it is for us to provide for our own protection. Whenever the police finally arrived WE were treated like criminals and it was implied that we were at fault for the shooting. Had I been armed I could have fought back and the two assailants may not have been able to escape to commit crimes again.

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    Because I can.

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    It's more like "why does anyone with a brain NOT ccw?"

  11. because the one I leave at home is of no use to me, just like the skill I haven't learned or the IFAK I never finished, it's just no good to me in the truck or in my gun safe or on my "to do" list

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