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Thread: Why Do You Carry Concealed?

  1. I carry concealed to protect myself and family, I also feel it is a responsibility to be able to protect myself and others. I am of the opinion that I hope to never have to use my weapon but would hate to need it and not have it. I feel it also helps to mitigate my actions as carrying has made me more aware and less likely to anger due to the possible consequences. I avoid confrontation and generally feel more at ease than I was when not carrying.

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    Why Do You Carry Concealed?

    I conceal carry because I don't want the attention that comes with open carry. Neither the positive, not the negative. I carry because I am not naive enough to believe that the police will be there to protect my family in a time of need.

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    Why NOT?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by decotriumph View Post
    I carry to protect myself and my family. If a bad guy puts us in a situation where someone is going to be hurt or killed, it needs to be him, not us. Chances are extremely high that I'll never need to use my guns. I hope I never have to use my fire extinguisher either, but it's ready and in place in case I do.
    I love the fire extinguisher analogy - perfect. I second that heartily...I'm not a 'gunslinger' or 'gun nut'...I enjoy shooting as much as most guys and I see crazy, scary headlines every day that make me question why you WOULDN'T carry. It's just one more layer of protection for my family...the same as not going to the 'bad' parts of town at night, and being aware of your surroundings when you are out. It's common sense. Or at least should be.

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    2nd Amendment

    It is my constitutional right to carry. But mostly criminals carry illegally & me being disabled it is the best way for me to protect my family & friends & other law abiding citizens. To confirm that even more if I did not carry & keep guns for home defense I would not of had a gun on hand when we had a home invasion last year while we were gone & my teenage son who was there with friends had to defend himself & his two friends against two armed felonies (both had been let out on shortened sentences for gun charges in the previous year & were never to touch a gun again, YEAH RIGHT). One shot my son & then my son shot & killed them. That's why everyone of age carries in our household. Thankfully my son was not hit critically and has lived to recover, but he will be scarred for life both with 2 bullet holes & emotionally, but he is still here because of my beliefs. Thank God.

  7. Protect Life. Plain and simple

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    To protect my family myself and others. I worked in emergency departments for a number of years. I have seen first hand the things people do to other people for profit, for hate and for no reason at all. I have used a handgun in the past to defend myself and my wife. Fortunately, I didn't have to fire, the act of pulling the pistol and pointing it sent four would be attackers scrambling back into their car. But I have no doubt had I not had that pistol with me my wife and I would have wound up beaten or worse. I refuse to be a helpless victim, I understand that having a gun and being proficient in it's use doesn't guarantee safety, but it's a good start.

  9. background check

    You don't get to skip the background check with a CCWP. You bypass the waiting period for a handgun and can take it home same day as the purchase or pickup from FFL dealer. (At least here in Florida)

  10. I carry for the same purpose of protecting my family, friends and myself. I'm not truly willing to take chances for the general public. We have LEO's for that purpose. However, no matter what your reason is, you need to be trained to defend yourself with your weapon, and you need to practice regularly. You are responsible for every projectile you send down range.

  11. I like the sense of freedom & security I feel while carrying concealed.

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