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Thread: Why Do You Carry Concealed?

  1. Simple answer...

    Too old to fight, too young to die

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    I carry because it is my responsibility to protect me and my family. Jesus christ tells us in the bible if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and get 1. Besides the local police department won't let me carry a cop

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    I carry 45acp 1911 Kimber Super Carry Ultra or my new Ed Brown Kobra Carry, Because I am 72 and I am too old to take a ass whippin. I also carry a Sig P238 SAS for a backup. I hope I never have to use them,but if I need it,it is cocked and locked and ready to rock.

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  5. For self defense. I like your way of thinking Beardedjesse. I do plan my day different when I carry.

  6. To Protect and To Serve

    I've spent over 35years of my life in Public Service. i've carried a gun since I was 23. I get involved....never just stand by and watch. So it is one of my tools. A tool that I use when nothing else works. By the way, shooting someone up close and personal is somrthing you will live with the rest of your life. So don't make this choice lightly. Rod

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    Hello all! I've been lurking around the forum for a few weeks now and looking into getting my NC concealed carry for around a month or two. Why? See below:

    1. Prior to my presence on this [safe] planet, my mother (LT Colonel, Airborne and special forces unit) was home alone in her bedroom. A man entered the home, came to my mom's bedroom, and stood in her doorway with what she described as a "threatening look." My mom rushed to her nightstand, grabbed a loaded .25 caliber, and said if he took another step she "wouldn't stop shooting until the police came." He left. Police tracked him down later.

    2. I was 12 yrs old and home with my mom on the couch. A man looked through the small windows next to the front door and saw us. He began kicking hard at the front door (double dead bolted, but made a hell of a noise). My lab went psycho with the loudest and scariest sounding bark I'd ever heard. Without a word my mom and I both ran to the bedroom, where I grabbed a .38 revolver and my mom grabbed a shotgun. The man fled upon hearing the dogs but even at 12 I knew I was going to shoot every round I had before I let someone take the life of a family member. Police came. Guy was never tracked down.

    3. Years ago I was away at school and my mom was home alone. A man started kicking trash over and throwing things on the front porch. He opened the [unlocked] front door and began screaming nonsense. According to my mom he was under heavy use of drugs and began advancing her direction. Instantly my mom opened the closet, pulled out the [unloaded] 12 gauge and pointed it. He froze and my mom held him at gun point (still unloaded) until the police arrived.

    4. Today.....yes, TODAY I was leaving work and at the very corner of the parking lot I started to see a situation escalate in front of me (distance approx. 20 yards). At first I couldn't tell if the two ladies were yelling in excitement or anger. Suddenly the girl hopped out of her car, extended a metal baton, and began beating the hood of the girl behind her (I was perpendicular to the situation because I was the next car waiting to "zipper in" line). I got out of my car, ran full speed at her, but she had already broken the driver side window and was beating the driver. Luckily I had advanced fast enough and made my presence known that I would harm her, to scare the girl with the baton and she fled. Wait...here's the kicker...all of this happened in front of a security guard who just stood there with his mouth open.

    So there you have it. Four isolated instances. 1) in a bad area 2) out in the "boondocks" 3) suburbs in a good neighborhood and 4) white collar business park.

    Just because you have a gun on you, doesn't mean you want to kill bad guys. The first three instances didn't require a shot and the last wouldn't have even had me draw if I was carrying, but tell me that the world today is a "safe place" and I know you're just kidding yourself.

  8. I carry ( when it's lawful) and only then I would carry because I want to protect myself my family, my friends and anyone I see who needs protection, I would use words and call the police when i can, but if it comes to someone trying to kill me for standing up to protect someone or myself I would use the gun. it would be foolish to try to defend someone with out having a gun cause
    you tell someone stop killing someone they pull a gun and your standing there holding a cellphone. you look like a deer in a headlight and after your dead people say thats why you mind your own busyness. ask ny they let people get killed everyday, ask chicago, defendless people get raped, killed and robbed.
    a gun in the hand of a lawful person at the scene of any of the school or mall or other places where the killer went on a killing spree is better than all the police, courts, monday armchair judges in the world.

  9. Like all others my wife and I are now carrying due to the way society as a whole is changing. I would rather, if presented the option to defend myself and family with something other than a spitball. I also om a OTR professional driver and some areas that I go into you sleep with one eye open. Thank goodness for reciprocity!

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    Why? To protect 1.) My family, 2.) My self and 3.) Those who cannot defend themselves. Just to be clear, I am not going to jump in to something with out figuring out what is happening. Those situations are what cell phones are for. But if I make a call and start hollering and screaming at someone to stop doing what they are doing, and they come after me, all bets are off. 4.) Because I believe it is my duty and RIGHT as a natural born citizen of these United States of America.

    Just a quick story that really started the ball rolling, so to speak.
    Around the summer 1997, I was in Indianapolis working in broad daylight. I was doing a building inspection as I came around the building, there were three guys standing there. All I have is a camera. Whoppie for me! Lost my camera, few bucks and was shaken up some. Bottom line, that will not happen again. EVER! Too many people think it will never happen to them.
    *Funny that I saw a post involving Indianapolis earlier. It really is a nice place to live!

    While some may carry a gun to kill... I carry one to make the bad guy(s) stop. PERIOD. Whether someone lives or dies in the process is up to God.

    Psalm 82:3-5

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    Concealed to avoid the hassle of folks getting nervous when they see a gun..
    Carry because I live near the border with Mexico. I'm not so sure that if I lived in small town mid-America, I would be so careful to carry 100% of the time as I now do. My wife even carries here in AZ. Don't let Janet Napolitano tell you the border is secure.
    I no longer trust my government to act on my behalf.

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