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Thread: Why Do You Carry Concealed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pitt County Pride View Post
    Rumor is Teddy Roosevelt did have a bedside pistol and carried concealed while president, a Colt large-framed cal. 45 revolver ...

    I wonder what the response would be if the next Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America absolutely insisted in concealed carry and/or in keeping an M-4 bedside for self-defense.... Who would have standing to stop him? No one, I would think...
    Prescott, AZ was the home city contributing to Teddy's Roughriders. A bronze statute adorns the courthouse entrance. The high school mascot is the "Roughriders." Small wonder you see many open carry here and probably don't see concealed carry because it is concealed.

  3. If you have to ask, then you do not need to know!!

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    I do it for protection, especially living in a rural Appalachian Mountain area where I'm an avid amateur photographer. I spend a lot of time roaming the back roads shooting wildlife and landscapes. Sadly, meth labs are become more and more common and if I accidentally roll up on one, especially with a telephoto lens hanging out the window, calling 911 won't do much good with a mountain between me and the nearest cell tower.

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    I have been around long guns all my life.... done a lot of hunting. I have just ordered my first handgun and will soon be taking my CC class. It is my right as a U.S. Citizen to carry and a my duty as a responsible citizen as well. I hope to God that I never have to use it..... but will be glad that it is available if I am ever in the position to need it. I refuse to be a victim.

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    You said that you are getting your first handgun, I am just wondering what type and caliber it is and who will train you in the use of it.
    Bill Hurley

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    To protect myself, my family and any other person who's life is in danger by someone in the criminal element of our society.

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    dstryr Guest
    I carry a weapon so I may be able to defend my self and loved ones if awareness and avoidance didn't work. I have carefully thought about other circumstances I might have the misfortune of finding myself in where I'd consider using it to protect a stranger. Not all people should be prepared to defend themselves at all times. Elderly folks who have lost the physical ability to fight or shoot should be able to walk without fear of attack in public, and not sit in fear inside their homes. I believe I could draw to protect one who cannot protect him or her self. Perhaps a clerk in a convenience store held at gunpoint. I believe I could use deadly force if another's life was being threatened. I won't speculate beyond that because I'll never know before hand how any event will unfold.

    As to protecting someone who has failed to protect him or herself, my rational thought from behind a keyboard is that its not my business and I'm here for my wife and child, not to play hero. And as to how I'd react if ever in that situation I'll also not speculate.

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    I carry for the family, tradition puts me as the protector and I would never be able to live with myself knowing I let something happen to the people that depend on the protection.

  10. I am approachin 60 years old. Thugs and bullys are cowards. They only mess with people who can not fight back. It has become very aparent that at my advanced age I am becoming more of a target. I am no where near as fast or strong as I was when I was 30 or 40. I have a hip replacement and running away is no longer an option. I have a wife and teenage daughter at home to protect. I now own a Glock 26 and carry it everywhere it is legal. It gives me piece of mind. I enjoy going to the range. As you can see I am all for conceal carry.

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    First pistol

    Quote Originally Posted by sgtbill View Post
    You said that you are getting your first handgun, I am just wondering what type and caliber it is and who will train you in the use of it.
    Bill Hurley

    Bill, I am looking at the Springfield XDS in 9 mm. I have a local gunshop and range that just opened where I will be taking my carry permit class and other training that may be available.


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