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Thread: Why Do You Carry Concealed?

  1. I have several hundred 00 buck rounds I picked up at a gun show. Besides, with the size house I have, no matter what I use, it will not have time for the pattern to open up that much. 00 buck should have deeper penetration than #4 buck.

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    You may want to think about #4 Buck as it has 27 pellets and in my exp. it makes a better defense load . 00 Buck in a 2 3/4" load only carry's 9 pellets and in a 3" load it has 12.

  3. I do because I am a petite female who is alone/working by myself at times and it makes me feel much safer. I know physically I cannot protect myself from another person who is trying to hurt/rob/kill me.

  4. I carry because, even though I feel I live in a safe neighborhood, my house is at the back of the addition next to a field. No one would even hear someone breaking in. Someone has already tried when I left all the lights off one night. I want to be ready if they try it again.

  5. Because I am realist who understands that the government & police cannot protect me from the common criminal. The government might be able to detect terrorist plots, but they can't protect me & my family when some depraved deranged maniac starts shooting at a mall or grocery store. I take responsibility for the protection of my family. I am a Christian conservative. In the bible Jesus Christ said if you do not have sword, sell your cloak and but one. My firearm is my modern day sword to protect myself, my family & my friends.

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    2 Suspects ID?d In Elk River Home Invasion, Police Chase CBS Minnesota

    This happened today in my home town. This is why I carry.

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    Protection. On the ranch, I carry because we have a lot of critters (including a pack of pitbulls) that pose threats. I'm so comfortable with it at the house and on the land, sometimes I forget I'm carrying when I'm in town.

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    Self defense and support of the 2nd amendment.

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    Because I can...

    Sent from behind Enemy Lines.

  10. Because the police cant protect me 24/7. I dont have the money for 24 hr security detail and before I moved to the great state of Georgia from MD and I used to leave for work at 3 am and was so worried i would be robbed or killed without even being able to put up a fight! The MD amd DC area only have laws that protect the criminals and not law abiding citizen's

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  11. I carry for self protection and safety for my family.

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