Why Do You Carry Concealed?
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Thread: Why Do You Carry Concealed?

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    Why Do You Carry Concealed?

    Here's an article/question I posted.

    So let's here, why do you carry concealed?

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    I do it for protection, plain and simple. Yes, I was shot in the back and robbed just over two years ago while carrying, but nevertheless, I believe my chances of surviving an encounter with a criminal are a lot better if I'm carrying than if I'm not.

  3. Well, I plan on owning guns anyway, so I figure why not carry them just in case you need one for protection. Also, don't CWFLs allow you to skip the NICS check?

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    I carry to protect myself and my family. If a bad guy puts us in a situation where someone is going to be hurt or killed, it needs to be him, not us. Chances are extremely high that I'll never need to use my guns. I hope I never have to use my fire extinguisher either, but it's ready and in place in case I do.
    Alan, TN

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    Robbed prior to concealed carry passed in Texas, had friend beaten and robbed, I carry for the protection of myself and my family, that is if I owned a gun and if I carried. (Obama Denial)

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    Why?: Self defense. Concealed?: Normally 'cause it might be raining (rare) or it's cold and I need a long jacket. I use a shoulder holster for that. I carry concealed in Texas 'cause OC is denied. Otherwise... I OC everywhere else at all other times, including at home.

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    Exclamation Why ?

    To protect me and my wife in the ordinary world, which becomes more dangerous every day.
    Have carried for over 50 years after USA discharge and will continue as long as I'm mobile out in society.

  8. I agree with above, I carry for the same reason I have fire extinguishers on my boat and in my home. I dont expect a fire, I dont want a fire, but if it happens I wish to be prepared.

    I concealed carry because open carry is illegal in NY.

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    I carry because of my job. I live in MD, and getting a CCP here is an ordeal. My MD license is restricted to when i am on the clock for my employer. However i also have a TN license, and when i am in TN, or those states that honor their license i carry for protection of myself and my family.
    NRA Certified Law Enforcement Instructor.
    NRA Certified Pistol Instructor.
    NRA Certified Range Safety Officer.

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    I have been carrying concealed for over 35-years. The reason is simple, I care about the safety of my family and myself, and having been Military and later a LEO, I know that armed emergency support is never readily available when needed the most, so it was up to me to provide my family and myself the security that we needed.
    I have had four experiences (incidents) that having my firearm with me prevented our being robbed or worse at the hands of those who prey upon our society.
    I carry concealed because it is MY RIGHT and MY DUTY...

    USAF-Ret; NRA Life; CRPA Life; USA Carry Mbr;
    Oath Keepers Chrtr Mbr; USCCA Mbr; HGCA Mbr; Ret Former LEO

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