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Thread: Question on holster for chl

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    I have the same gun and caliber and I too, have purchased a Blackhawk SERPA holster. I love the retention system on that holster.
    I bought the Blackhawk holster for the main purpose of the Defensive Pistol League I'll be joining after June. I have to pick up a good gun belt and two double mag holders and then I'll be ready for the league.

    I have been looking at IWB holsters, but haven't settled on one yet.

    I am still awaiting for the Sheriff's Department to call me and tell me that my CCW permit is ready for pick up and head to the DOR for my new ID.

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    I just received my super tuck for my S&W 469 9mm & mini tuck for my ruger lcp and they are awesome. A huge improvement from my uncle mikes iwb. Well worth the money.

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    You have already been given sound advice, but I just wanted to add another vote for the Crossbreed Supertuck. While the Serpa is an excellent design, an IWB holster makes for better concealment under most conditions and modes of dress. I love my Supertuck, and I wear it daily when off-duty. But, let me tell you of a problem I ran into.

    I initially purchased the original Supertuck Deluxe, but it had a tendency to activate the magazine release on my S&W 1911 PD. I have no doubt the good folks at Crossbreed would have done anything in their power to alleviate this situation, but I didn't want to trouble them. I solved the problem by simply removing enough leather to emulate the combat cut design. My next Supertuck will be a combat cut design. Hope this helps out when you place your order.
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